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Meg informed me this morning that after this weekend we only have 11 weekends (give or take) to do whatever we want. With 81 days left, I think it's safe to say that Avery is truly becoming a reality.

Today was a productive day. We put together the glider and then the crib. Surprisingly, I didn't have to take anything back to the store. Nor did I have to go back and redo something (this often happens when I build things, lol) I have to give Graco a shoutout for that one. While the directions looked like hieroglyphics, the labels were undoubtedly clear!

There is one more part to the story, but it's kind of embarrassing. I think I better preface it by saying, "Don't laugh."

Seriously. Don't laugh.

So here we are. Everything is a lot easier than expected. The glider is finished and the crib is halfway there. I'm bending down trying to screw in the bottom leg when all of the sudden I lose my balance. Not wanting to fall on the springbase and break the brand new crib, I extended my arm to brace myself. Long story short, I ended up falling on the base AND hurting myself.

What does my wife say??? "I wish I got that on camera...I don't even know what just happened."

To give her credit, she didn't laugh and she did ask if I was okay. Like I said, it was embarrassing.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, here are the pictures of the nursery so far...




  1. looks great! And huge. I'm realizing what a teeny box we're putting our munchkin into...I hope you're feeling better already!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm really congested which I still don't understand (I just finished 2 rounds of antibiotics) My shoulder is pretty messed up from falling, but other than that...we're in good shape! lol

    As far as the nursery goes, it's the same size as our bedroom...lucky kid!

    Hope you're doing well! (I'm sure your nursery looks great too!)


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