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ER visit delays Nursery Furniture (mural pictures)

I started putting together Avery's dresser/changing table this past Wednesday, but an unexpected trip to the ER set the completion date back a bit...

On Thursday I ate half an english muffin covered with peanut butter and a box of raisins for breakfast. Shortly after, my throat started to get scratchy and it became increasingly harder to breathe. A coworker bought me some benadryl, but it didn't stop the reaction. I had to use my epipen. Another coworker drove me to the hospital and sat with me while I waited for Meg. 

My blood pressure was 158/100...gotta love epinephrine! I had to sit in the regular waiting room for almost an hour before developing hives. It was at that point that they took me back to a room. I was checked out by the doctor, given an IV, and administered more benadryl and some pepcid. After several hours lying next to some screaming crazy old lady, I was itching to get home (literally!) 

In her defense, she did provide some comedic relief to the situation. But yea, I don't really know what happened...Raisins have natural sulfites in them and I had been eating a lot of them recently (in addition to other foods that aren't organic and contain sulfites) but that never caused anaphylaxis...just more of an eczema issue. I've had problems with food mold before, but the english muffin was frozen and the peanut butter was new. Who knows? I made an appointment with my allergist, but I'm pretty sure I brought it on myself. 

Needless to say, it was a low key weekend. I think I successfully slept most of it away. The important thing is that all is well now and that Meg and Avery handled the situation well (this was the second time Meg had to visit me in the hospital during this pregnancy!).

Aunt Trish even drove up to finish the mural and to keep us company on Saturday. Meg was busy washing Avery's blankets, onesies, bibs, and other things we've collected thus far (thank you Ryleigh!) 

Here is a picture of the dresser that I finally finished:

And here is the last part of the mural: We absolutely love it! (I'll have to get a closer picture so that you can see the little red lady bug and sleeping monkey's face!)

The nursery is really coming together. Grandmama is busy working on Avery's quilt and curtains as we speak!


  1. So cute! And so glad that you're ok--starting off posts like that makes me wonder if there are going to be early baby photos because something was up with Avery--glad to hear she's still safe and sound and waiting a little longer to see her awesome monkey murals!

  2. HAHA! good point! When in doubt, it's most likely me! But yes, we are very happy that she is doing well and getting bigger each day! Wait until you see the next set of pictures!

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