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Day 12, Day 13, and Valentine's Day

Mom just informed me that I haven't posted any updates about my Valentine's Day celebration, SO...

I'm writing to tell you that Meg and I had a fantastic weekend. We bought Avery a few outfits at the Carters outlet. I finally found the bows I had been looking for (thank you Children's Place!) We ate lunch at this amazing organic pizza restaurant (check out Best of all, we relaxed! (Nothing beats a king size bed!)

I zoomed in on our towel pet. We couldn't decide what it was supposed to be (apparently the Hilton isn't as good as the people who fold towels on cruise ships) Anyhow, I said bunny. Meg said elephant. What do you think?

Day 12 was a bag of pretzel goldfish and a note that said, "Before our mini vacation is "o-fish-ally" over,  we still have one thing left to do...order room service!" (Day 12 was breakfast in bed.) I ordered a western omelette. Meg ordered scrambled eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. Sadly, Meg didn't like hers. She opted for a bowl of Frosted Flakes instead...go figure!

Yesterday was Day 13. I  sent a dozen chocolate covered strawberries to Meg's work. Attached, was a note that said,"I love you berry much. Happy Day 13!" (sorry no pictures...I'm deathly allergic to strawberries!)

FINALLY...Day 14...I sent a dozen sweetheart roses (pink, red, and white), a teddy bear, and a red vase to Meg's work. I also sent a basket of Mrs. Field's snacks (mini muffins, brownies, and cookies) to the girls at her work. They've been faithfully following the 14 Days of Valentine's Day, so I thought it was only fair to incorporate them on the last day! (Happy Valentine's Day ACW!)

For dinner I made garlic bread and cooked Meg heart shaped raviolis.

What a great Valentine's Day celebration!


  1. heart raviolis!! I didn't even know it was possible! Also, I vote for 'donkey'...

  2. haha! The raviolis came from whole foods! They were SOOOO good!

    By the way, thank you for always commenting! I (we) feel loved!

  3. no problem! I like having things to read (and I've made some really good IRL friends off the internets, including my lovely wife!). If I ever write anything feel free to drop in. One day I swear I'll be a better blogger...


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