Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It looks like an alien

Today marks 29 weeks (we'll take pictures this weekend). Meg has gained a total of 16 lbs. Her belly button is getting huge!

She's feeling great minus some aches and pains at night, but she's definitely been more emotional recently. On a positive note, her appetite is starting to pick up (finally!)

The coolest thing happened tonight...we had just finished eating dinner when all of the sudden Meg shrieked, "Jen, come over here." I looked at Meg's belly and I could see Avery moving from side to side. It was so weird! I think my exact words were, "it looks like an alien!" lol, not my finest moment!

Good thing, I bought Meg and Avery a new book! It's called Spoon and it's absolutely adorable! We're going to sit in the nursery and read it tonight.

If you've been following my 14 days of Valentine's Day, Day 8 was a custom Valentine's Day word search created by yours truly and a note stating, "You don't have to search anymore. I'll ALWAYS be your valentine."

Here are the pictures from this morning:

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