Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 35 Photos and Childbirth Class

At 35 weeks, Avery is the size of a honeydew. She is 5.25 lbs and over 18 inches long! I can't believe that Wednesday marks 36 weeks...she's almost full term!

Today Meg and I went to our childbirth class...

We walked into the hospital around 12:45 and were greeted by one of the midwives from our OB office. As soon as Meg introduced herself, the midwife looked at me and said, "NO STRAWBERRIES!" lol, it's pretty bad when we have to call ahead to make sure places are safe for me!

We signed in and took our seats. We had to wait for more couples to arrive (there was approximately 30 people there) before starting the hospital tour. There isn't much to say about the tour aside from the's a brand new, state of the art hospital, and the labor and delivery section is absolutely amazing. Seriously, the rooms were gigantic! It'll be like staying in the Hilton!

After the tour we headed back to the conference room (about 1:45ish). There, we were given a booklet about child birth, two water bottles, and a coupon to the baby boutique (in the hospital). The midwife was really sweet, BUT the minute she turned on the powerpoint I knew I was a goner.

I tried to listen. I really did. I waited and waited for something to grab my attention, but it was as if time had stopped.

Finally we got to the section about breathing. I figured we would do something hands on or interact with one another in some way, shape, or form. WRONG! They now teach breathing in the moment.

Needless to say, when the class took a break for dinner at 4:45, Meg and I left.

Now for the burning question...was it worth it?

I definitely feel better knowing what to do and where to go when Meg is actually in labor, but the class itself was brutal. It wasn't worth $150, but it's something Meg and I can say we did. It's kind of like a right of passage. I just wish our experience was more like that of my parents...apparently my dad was bouncing tennis balls off of my mom's back...I would have gladly paid $150 for that!

Anyhow, here is a picture of Meg and I before we went inside...

Aunt Trish is coming up tomorrow (yay!) and our next OB appointment is Tuesday!

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  1. Sorry the class wasn't what you were hoping for--I was pretty unimpressed with the hospital class we took, too. If you've got time, you might want to take a crash-course birthing class or a book (bradley or hypnobirthing or something) to give you more ways to help when Meg goes into labor. It sounds cheesy, but it's been really helpful for us to actually have to TALK about what I think I'll need and how Lynn will respond. Getting so close! :)