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OB update (35 weeks tomorrow)

Most of our OB appointments have been relatively quick, but not today...we had to wait for over an hour! Avery was a good sport though. She was hiccuping and kicking away, so at least that kept us entertained!

The doc said Meg looks perfect. She put on a few pounds and shows no sign of swelling. Her blood pressure is fantastic and she's measuring exactly where she needs to be. The technician said Avery is an active little girl (aka we have a few more weeks to get as much sleep as possible?!)

We have reached the point in the pregnancy where we will begin our weekly OB appointments. Our next appointment is Tuesday, March 27th. At that appointment Meg will have to have the Strep B test done (similar to a pap smear). The doctor said it's not really a big deal if she tests positive, but it will determine whether or not she needs penicillin during labor.

After the appointment Meg and I stopped at the mall to pick up some shorts...Old Navy was an epic fail, so we headed across the mall to Macy's. The maternity section was all the way on the other side of the store, so that kind of pissed Meg off. 

When we finally found the maternity section, the salesperson asked in a monotone voice, "What are you looking for?" I had already signaled Meg towards the capris, so Meg politely responded, "Cropped pants." The woman proceeded to tell Meg about the variety of fabrics. You could tell Meg wasn't having it and wanted nothing to do with this lady, but she acknowledged her and continued looking around. 

When Meg was looking at t-shirts the woman came over and removed one from the mannequin. She proceeded to tell Meg about the tanks she had available. I thought Meg was about to walk out of the store. 

I told the lady that we were okay for now and asked her where to pay. While standing at the register she asked Meg if she needed any underwear. I had to laugh because at this point Meg couldn't even humor her. I wanted to tell Meg to take a walk, but I was afraid she might go postal! was like an episode from a know where the character gets so mad you start to see smoke coming from their head?!? 

As we were leaving the store, I joked with Meg and told her she could have been a little nicer. She went off...she told me that she doesn't like monotone people and started mimicking the salesperson. She then said she doesn't like people who are pushy and rude. She also didn't understand why the maternity section was so far from the entrance/bathroom/dressing room. 

Fueling the fire, I chimed in with, "Yea, she didn't even ask when you were due!" Meg said, "Exactly. If you're going to sell maternity items at least know who you're dealing with! I'm not an idiot. Clearly I've been doing this for a while now! Oh, and I can read, so she doesn't need to explain the return policy!"

What a day!


  1. All I gotta say it was kinda a swift kick in the butt that first night when we got MAYBE an hour of sleep. You can't help but lay there thinking, "is he breathing? Is everything ok..." then you hear a noise and are at ease, but then you wonder, "is he spitting up? is he choking?" LoL. I mean I am a paramedic! I've seen it all - but this little boy has me paranoid - last night was a tad better. I can't wait for you guys to have is AMAZING - Love at first sight - first pregnancy test really.


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