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Trip to Babiesrus

Meg and I took a trip to babiesrus tonight. We went straight to customer service and were greeted by a young (20-something) cashier with pigtails. We explained the situation (we realized we had an obscene amount of 20% off coupons at home and wanted to put them towards our recent transactions) She had to check with the manager...apparently they can only use one coupon at a time.

Meg and I waited as the manager tried to override the system. I told Meg she could go to the bathroom (she had expressed the need 5 minutes earlier in the car). She told me that the feeling went away. The cashier chimed in, "If you hold in your pee too long it can actually put you into should probably go." You should have seen Meg's face! She walked away...clearly annoyed.

By the time Meg returned, the cashier was almost finished with the price adjustment. She proceeded to ask us if she could ask a juvenile question. I smiled and said, "Yea, ok." She said, "Have you guys ever seen the L Word?" All we could do was laugh. We were good sports and humored her..."Yes, we have seen it. Why?" "Oh, I was just thinking about the scene where the lesbian boils the turkey baster when she was trying to get pregnant," she said.

Again we laughed. AWKWARD!

When Meg and I got into the car, Meg let loose. "First off, why the hell would you ever ask a pregnant woman how her hormones are? They were fine until you talked about them, idiot! Secondly, I'm pretty sure she was talking about If These Walls Could Talk 2 not the L Word. I mean, come on...if she wanted to know if we were gay she should have just asked us! Oh and I especially liked when she hit on you right in front of me WHILE I'M CARRYING YOUR BABY!!! Talk about bicurious."

I didn't even know what to say...except,"I love you!" (I probably should have said, "Avery if you're listening...come out now, please!!!")


  1. umm yeah I was gonna say she has got her movies and shows ... way mixed up.. Oh man I am literally peeing in my pants. Really this girl ??? really??? meg - you were right on point! good goin!

  2. Hahahahaha we love this post!!! The poor cashier girl probably just felt a bit awkward asking if you were lesbians, but that's a creative way to do it!!

    Laura & Sarah xo

    1. lol, I'm pretty sure she knew the minute I walked into the store. I mean, come on...chances are if you are a "tomboy" when you're 29, you're probably a lesbian!

      She had some balls, that's for sure. There have been plenty of people I've questioned through the years and I've never asked them! Perhaps I should start. We would probably have more gay friends! ;-)

    2. "If you're a "tomboy" when you're 29" -probably the funniest thing I EVER read! Kerry is cracking up too!

  3. Hey! I found your blog from Isa's award post, and since Meg and I are due around the same time, I had to say hi :) I'm due 29th April, and I'm glad I'm not the only one with hormones coming out of my ears!

    1. Hey!!! Oh, wow! Congratulations! How are you feeling?!

    2. Thanks, congrats to you guys too! I am feeling pretty good, we are heading away for a babymoon tomorrow so I'm pretty excited about that :)

    3. That's exciting!!! Where are you going?!

  4. OMG I was cracking up reading this to my wife. That is something that would happen to us! When we got married in Vegas we actually had a woman ask me "where's your husband?" and when I said no, this is my wife she very loudly yelled (in the middle of the casino floor btw) "What the f#*@?!) It was hysterical! All we could think of was the asian guy form the hangover! (she was also asian which made us think of him lol) Some people just can't control themselves when they see gays doing ordinary things like getting married and having babies! lol Thanks for a good laugh this morning :-)

    1. HAHA! That's terrible, but very true! It's like we're wild animals...they have to stop and stare because they rarely see us.

  5. Hello! I just wanted to stop by and say your blog is awesome! You are both a great couple and congrats on the little bundle of joy!!!

  6. Aww..she probably just got all excited seeing a cute lesbian couple with a baby on the way--and then hit on you because she didn't know what else to do. Bless. You should have told her that if she's lucky, one day she'll have a pretty wife and a baby, too! :)


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