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Week 32 (sorry for the delay)

This Wednesday marks 34 weeks. If you're like us, you're probably asking yourself, "Where did the time go?" and "What happened to weeks 32 and 33?"

While I can't answer the first question (I still can't believe we're so close), I can tell you that Meg and I came down with the stomach bug and it temporarily threw us off of our game...our last OB appointment showed that Meg actually lost a pound...all was well with Avery though, so no worries.

I managed to sneak a picture for week 32 despite being quarantined...Avery was a 3.75lb Jicama. Fortunately my mom told me that it was pronounced hick-a-ma before I went to the store and embarrassed myself by asking for a jick cama. 

Get this though...while I learned how to pronounce jicama, I was still too embarrassed to ask where I could find one. SO...I made Megan. The guy pointed towards the vegetables and said they're usually over there. Meg just stood there confused (she realized that she had NO idea what jicamas looked like). The clerk must have picked up on her confusion because he proceeded to lead Meg over to the specific area. Unfortunately, they didn't have any so we had to go to a different store, but the look on Meg's face was priceless.

Before I show you the 32 week picture, I should mention that the jicama was covered in mold (It sat on the counter all week while we recuperated!) Gross, right?!

I'll post week 33 photos tomorrow. Meg just got her hair cut and needs time to primp. (She doesn't want another picture like the one above. She thinks she looks terrible. I keep telling her that she was just sick!


  1. no, she looks cute! And also, please go out and buy yourself a new jicama, and chop it up into this:
    best spring/summer salad ever! I would hate to think that one bad one put you off a really great vegetable for good!

  2. Haha..I will pass the compliment along and I'll definitely show her the recipe. Too bad we just had a mexican fiesta! (next time!)

    How are you?


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