Sunday, March 18, 2012

Killing Time!

Let me start by saying this has been the longest morning EVER! Meg woke me up at 6 am to tell me how excited she was (Today is our baby shower!) We had breakfast, caught up on our TV shows, and still had way too much time to kill. I took a nap. Meg filed some bills and we started getting ready around 10:00 knowing that we are permitted to arrive at my mom's house no earlier than 11:30.

Well, it's currently 10:48 and I'm sitting here fully dressed, super anxious, and blogging!

Meg looks beautiful (as always). Her belly is growing by the second. She has been suffering from some round ligament pain recently and has also become more tired. She's back to going to bed before 9 (just like when she first got pregnant). She wakes up often during the nights to use the bathroom and readjust (stupid leg pain), but overall is still sleeping well.

Many of you have asked about contractions. To date, she has not had any braxton hicks contractions (knock on wood).

Ok, well it's almost time to go, so I'll post pictures and details from the shower later!!

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