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Another baby shower...what can I say? People love us!

We have 30 days until Avery's expected due date and we have successfully crossed off the major items on our "to do" list...On Friday, we put a deposit down towards the adoption process and had our consult regarding the will and estate planning (we meet with our lawyer on April 6th to sign the documents) We also printed out the paperwork to submit to the social security office, so Meg can officially change her last name.

The nursery is completely set up and is really coming together! (I'll post pictures when it's completely done) Meg has just about washed (and put away) all of Avery's linens and clothing, but there is still a lot of organizing that needs to be done. Whoever came up with the idea to size baby clothes must have been out of his/her mind. Some clothes say 0-3 months. Some say 3 months. Some say 6 months and others say 6-9 months. It will be a miracle if I dress Avery in the correct clothing!

Today we had another baby shower (thrown by Meg's mom). It was beautiful and the cake was awesome! Seriously...I can't stop talking about it! It was vanilla pound cake and chocolate chip pound cake...

For decorations, Meg's mom used her cricut machine to add some personal touches...

I tried really hard to escape the torture of opening gifts...(I HATE surprises!)...but Meg's Aunt Sally forced me to open 3. I was a little hesitant at first, but felt relieved when I opened up the...

Baby Bullet! (and storage system and steamer!)

Oh, I almost forgot...Meg's parents bought Meg and I loads and loads of diapers (no pun intended) and wipes. The sizes ranged from newborn to size 3 (notice the giant pink bags)

I'm not going to lie...I was stoked and thought we were going to be set for a year...that was until Meg informed me that her work changes diapers every 2 hours...12 diapers a day?!?! What did we get ourselves into?! (kidding!)

All jokes aside, Avery is going to be the cutest little girl in the world. I know it's probably hard to believe, but I absolutely LOVE all of her dresses! I can't wait to dress her in them (and the headbands too!)

This outfit (which says "Mommy's lil cupcake") is already one of my favorites! I mean, who doesn't love tutus?

I wish we would have stopped (and posed) to take pictures together, but the smiles on our faces say it all...what a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon! We're truly blessed!

Tomorrow we have our childbirth class from 1-7pm. (We're really excited to tour the hospital) I'll post week 35 pictures and an update when we get home!


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