Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Meg had a better day today...She had to run and get her seasick bands after eating a tiny piece of pumpkin pie (I guess it was the consistency???) After putting a spiced apple ginger chew in her mouth (she claims they are a gift from God) she managed to calm herself down...whatever works, right?!?

She's currently dwelling over who to send private facebook messages to before I announce the pregnancy tomorrow. Lol, gotta love her!

I'm just excited to finally spill the beans! I can't believe I lasted 12 weeks! I'm so proud of myself!

Tomorrow we head back to the OB to listen to the heartbeat. I'm bringing the flip camera...fingers crossed that I can capture it!

1 comment:

  1. Are ya'll gonna buy a doppler? It's the coolest thing ever! We really like coming home and listening to him.

    It was only 52 bucks - not bad at all - included the gel too! www.fetalharmony.com