Friday, October 14, 2011

Fondue for Two

Our four year anniversary was yesterday, but we decided to celebrate tonight.

We bought all of the ingredients and dippers to make fondue at home (my stupid allergies inhibit us from frequenting the Melting Pot)

Our "date" started shortly after 4pm. The first course was cheese fondue (with salsa...tasted like queso!). We bought tortilla chips and granny smith apples for dippers, but we only ate the bread. It was SOOO good!

When we finished, we cleaned up the dishes and started to prepare the next course. Meg pulled the lobster tail out of the shell, cut her chicken and steak. I poured all of the sauces. Together, we then measured out the ingredients for the court bouillon broth. We set everything aside in the fridge and sat down to relax (and digest) for a while.

We caught up on Modern Family. By the time that was over, we were ready to eat again! It was amazing! I had scallops, shrimp, and lobster tail with teriyaki sauce, cocktail sauce, and garlic butter. Meg had chicken and NY strip steak (a few pieces) with melting pot seasoning. She also had potatoes with the Melting Pot's Green Goddess dip (made by yours truly).

Dinner took almost an hour and a half. It was so relaxing. Meg was in heaven. She said she wished every meal could be like this. I'm not sure if she meant the quality of the food, the ambiance, or just the fact that we were eating over such a long period of time! Either way, it was cute.

When dinner was finished, we loaded up the dishwasher. We washed the fondue forks for dessert and then sat down on the couch to relax and catch up on Vampire Diaries.

An hour later (around 8:15) Meg was feeling a little nauseous, but we decided to go ahead and make the chocolate fondue for dessert. We had bananas, brownies, cookies, and apples to dip. What a way to end the night!!!

Here is a picture of dinner...

Notice my rose arrangement??? I was almost in tears last night. I tried to combine the roses with white tulips (tulips mean perfect love and have become "our flower") but I SUCK at arranging flowers. I kept cutting the roses shorter and shorter. The tulips started turning brown because I kept taking them out of the water...It was a disaster, but Meg appreciated the effort and claims that the roses look beautiful. The tulips are doing much better and are hanging out in a different vase!

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