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change of events

Meg had a dream last night that we found out our baby was a boy. I'm not sure what that means (probably nothing) haha.

At this point, I'd be happy either way. I actually found a person who knows two little girls named Avery today.  I think this change of events warrants a retraction of my veto...not to mention, Meg really loves the name! So, I guess you could say that we're one step closer to agreeing on a girl's name!

Now that I'm getting the, "I told you so," looks from the's pretty much a guarantee that we'll have a boy!


  1. Funny! I don't know about you guys, but we literally can't come up with a boy name that we can agree upon! I like Avery....two thumbs up.

  2. Avery is androgynous...use it for your boy's name, lol. Our boy's name is Greyson Douglas (douglas after my dad)

  3. I am a big fan of Avery - great choice! A woman at work has an adorable little girl named Avery. Greyson is great too. We have 3 girls names and 2 boys names picked out so we better get the first one to stick so we can start using them!!

  4. you want to have 5 kids?!?!? I told Meg only 2!!! At this point, I'll be happy with 1! lol

  5. I talked to a girl at work today who has a daughter named Avery. I like that name also. I love Greyson too! Our top two boy names are Thatcher Blaine and Braxton Trygg. Thatcher is our fav. And our girl name is Kenley Jo (Jo is Tommies mom's middle name).

    We hopefully find out Tuesday what we are having - but if Tommie is right, it's a girl! And if it's a girl...we are going to try again! lol - she's hoping for a boy so she doesn't have to get pregnant again.

  6. Hi, my fiancé and I recently came across your blog and really enjoy reading! We are in the process of wedding planning, but are planning on kids in a couple years. It's nice to read about what to expect. I've subscribed to your blog. Here's a link to mine if you're bored one day...

  7. Natalie, I love your names...I laughed out loud when I read that she's hoping to have a boy so she doesn't have to get pregnant again.

    Mel-CONGRATULATIONS!!! When are you getting married? I'm so excited you found us...I wish we knew what the process entailed before we started...would have made our lives easier. (SO...hopefully you'll find something useful or, at the very least, laugh a little!) I signed on to follow your blog...can't wait to read it!

  8. I agree. It is so nice to have another perspective or pointers on things. My aunt is gay and got married, has 3 kids now (all with her wife using IVF) so we had help with going through the whole marriage process, kid process ect.

    I can't even tell you how many people have contacted us asking how we did all this. It really is nice to have a hand when you need it and to lend a hand when someone else needs it!

    Thanks! Secretly I'm in love with Thatcher and that's partly why I want a boy so bad! I just can't stand to see it go to waste!!!! We just found out our donor's available vials are dwindling, so come Tuesday we may find out we need to purchase atleast one more vial hehe...

    And that sucks about Meg being so sick - seems like Tommie would have that happen too. She would see all fine and dandy then all of a sudden out of NO WHERE, all hell broke loose and she was sick! Hope it passes quickly!


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