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Baby Fever

Meg and I started the weekend with a trip to Baby's R Us with my parents. We needed to pick out a shower gift, but really, we were excited to scope the place out. 

Dad walked around picking out cute "backpacks" which I later informed him were leashes! He was obsessed with the little girl's outfits and asked Meg if she could push out an 18 month old, so we could buy the really cute clothes. He and I tested out rocking chairs, while Meg and mom searched for onesies and registry gifts.

Saturday was spent at our close friend's baby shower. I've come to the conclusion that baby showers are extremely overwhelming! I can't even imagine sitting in front of family and friends and opening an endless sea of presents (perhaps it is because my extended family scarred me as a child...they used to wrap up other people's presents and give them to me and say Santa left the wrong gift!!! LOL, gotta love them!)

Anyhow, I hate surprises and told Meg that she needs to perfect her appreciation and gratitude because I want no part in opening the gifts. It's too much pressure!!! (Not that I would expect anyone to buy us something we wouldn't love, but still!!!) My job will be to make sure Meg opens a gift every 30 showers are too long!!! Don't even get me started on the pictures or the hat!!!! I'm surprised our friend didn't want to kill someone. lol, I might have!

All jokes aside, it was a nice day. It was exciting to start thinking about all of the things we will need (BABIES REQUIRE A LOT OF SHIT!!!) As we were leaving, our friend gave us (and our baby) a gift. It was a small musical giraffe (perfect for our safari theme...which Meg now thinks we need to reconsider because EVERYONE is doing it) She also bought us an organic baby book so our baby can be like me! (without the allergies!) She filled the basket with some preggie pops, which have already come in handy. Her mom also bought the baby an outfit and teether to match because Meg helped make the favors. 

We are so fortunate to have such amazing people in our lives. Our baby isn't even born yet and he/she is already loved and spoiled. 

As for Meg, she's at an in-between stage right now. Her pants are snug. The bellyband seems to work, but more often than not, trying on clothes tends to turn into a meltdown. She feels fat because strangers don't know that she is pregnant. We bought some new flowy shirts to get her through the next couple weeks! At this point, the nausea still comes and goes...

Here is a picture of Meg's (almost) 12 week belly..I think it's amazing!


  1. You sure that's not twins! Lol, that's one heck of a baby bump! We don't have that neither does my sis n law who's 18 wks!

    What jungle theme did ya'll pick out?


  2. Nope, not twins...just one healthy boy or girl that is still making Meg very sick as we close out the first trimester.

    When do you find out what you're having???

  3. I especially like the orb in the background!!! lol, we need a new camera!

  4. Her bump is so cute!! Saturday was totally overwhelming! The pictures are what really killed me. I was trying to keep things moving and everyone kept wanting to take ten pictures of every item. It was a great day but holy cow did I need to lay down after that!

    So glad you guys were there :) Can't wait til it's your turn!

    P.S. I tried to "register" to follow you like 3 times and it hasn't worked yet. I'll keep trying.

  5. LOL!!! You were such a good sport...posing with a smile every 10 seconds. I think I would have started throwing stuff across the room. (make a mental note...don't sit near me at our babyshower!!)

    That's weird about the blog... Are you signing up by email or to follow officially? There is a button at the top where it says follow or you can click the join this site button.

    I'll continue to bust on you until you figure it out!!!

  6. Congrats!!! Her bump is adorable. And, take it from me, just get the maternity pants now. She'll be the happiest mom-to-be ever. It's the biggest relief ever once there's room to breathe.

  7. Thank you so much, Staci! I think we're heading that route!!!

  8. Right?!?! She was too funny yesterday...she came home from class and I told she looked cute. She then proceeded to lift up her shirt and show me the belly band and say her jeans are too tight!!!


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