Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Ultrasound at the OB

Today was our second appointment with our OB. We decided to try out the Lawrenceville office. It was SO much better than last time. It was clean, comfortable, and dare I say, beautiful?? 

The organization, yea, that was another story. After arriving 20 minutes early for our 3:45 appointment, Meg and I were left perfecting the art of statue making for several hours...we sat and waited and waited and waited. Again, it felt as though everyone who came in after us was called before us. GRR!!!

Finally, they called Meg's name. We were taken into a room and asked routine questions (they went over her paperwork) and took her blood pressure. The nurse then escorted us back to the waiting room. I figured it wouldn't be long before we were called back again to see the doctor. Boy was I wrong. 

It was after 5 o'clock when we finally went back to the room. We talked with a different nurse. She weighed Meg and then used the doppler to listen to the heartbeat. 

Unfortunately, she was unable to find it. To say that we were worried would be an understatement. After all, we hadn't seen/heard the heartbeat since week 8. Meg has been insanely sick, so we figured that was a good sign, but we couldn't figure out why the hell they couldn't hear the heartbeat!

I text mom (while waiting for the doctor) and she called me to say that she googled and found that people whom are gassy tend to have harder times locating heartbeats. I just laughed.

Ok, so it was about 5:45 and we still hadn't seen the doctor. We contemplated leaving. Meg was hungry and feeling nauseous (because she was so hungry) Suddenly the door swung open and we hear, "I didn't forget about you." 

Deja was just like the first appointment. We were so disappointed and then in walks the doctor to save the day. 

We talked briefly with the doc and expressed our concern about not hearing the heartbeat. He told us not to worry and that he would find it. He yelled down the hallway for a doppler (he was like a giant teddy bear!)

He put the gel on Meg's belly and started his search. Without knowing what Mom had already said (about the gas), he said, "It would be easier to hear the heartbeat if I didn't have to listen to your fart gas!!!" I've never laughed so hard.

After trying for several minutes he told Meg to get dressed and said he would give her an ultrasound. Here is a video clip from the ultrasound...all is well. The baby looks fantastic! I should have zoomed in, but I was trying to enjoy the moment...if you look closely (and listen to our voices), you will see the baby move! (especially when the doctor torments the kid, lol)


It has become abundantly clear why this practice was recommended to us. Meg and I just need to get accustomed to a life of waiting...I'm convinced that we're in good hands!


  1. I loved the video. I found the blog all by myself. Aren't you proud of me? I'll show this to Grandpapa tonight.

  2. I am insanely proud!!! I can't get the video to come up...glad you were able to see it...pretty cool, right?!?!

  3. I saw your blog link on Facebook and wanted to send along all the well wishes in the world. Congratulations to you both :)

  4. This was incredible to watch. So happy for you guys. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!