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Realizations and 15 week photos!!!

Meg and I came to a few realizations today...

1. Gap Maternity has one of the most organized and stylish maternity sections that we have come across thus far. It even had a bathroom!!! With the sale ($40 off every $100 you spend), it was the perfect place to purchase a dress for Meg's cousin's upcoming wedding!

2. The stores A Pea in a Pod, Motherhood Maternity, and Destination Maternity are not one in the same! While they accept the same gift card, $75 to A Pea in a Pod buys virtually nothing! Seriously, the jeans were $119.50!!! For that price, they should automatically dress you! Needless to say, we did NOT buy a pair. Instead, Meg purchased a shirt and a boppy pillow...(which brings me to my next realization)

3. The boppy body pillow is loved by both pregnant women and dogs! (funny how they don't advertise that on the brochure) *WARNING* The pillow may cause your wife to speak in a whiney voice until you correctly position it...take my advice, DO NOT tell her she needs to stop whining!

Bailey loves his mommy and her boppy!

While Meg is almost 16 weeks pregnant, here are her 15 week photos (as promised). If you backtrack to the 12 week pictures you can definitely notice a difference...It's funny, people are starting to tell her she's putting on weight (she has only gained 4 lbs) family members even reached out to touch her belly last night. LOVE IT!

Rocking her new maternity bday outfit!

Her belly is definitely low...does that mean it's going to be a boy?

Getting bigger!!!


  1. As with everything else pregnancy related, I'm sure the "low belly" means nothing and will change as it grows.

  2. Tommie's belly is low too. And it's funny cuz we found gap maternity not helpful at all! But I think that's cuz Tommie is only 5'2 and gap didn't have much in the short or petite department. We went to motherhood and found everything we needed - we only bought jeans though. As for shirts, again since Tommie is so short, most regular shirts will fit as they are usually super long anyways!

    Did ya'll but the standard boppy or one of the others? I need to get Tommie one but wasn't sure which is best.

  3. Compared to Old Navy and Target, the Gap was amazing! We like Motherhood was the pea in the pod that was outrageous!

    As for the boppy, I'm not sure what it's called (I'll have to go look at the package) but it's the one you can wrap all around your body. It was $54 plus tax. They also had another one called a snoodle or something like that.

    Meg slept well! I want one!!

    I hear you on the sizes..that's one of the problems we found with old navy and target. The clothes are scattered everywhere-makes it extremely difficult to find xsmall and small.

  4. Oh my goodness! I love these pictures.


    And my sister still sleeps with her boppy-those things are incredible.

  5. I swear, every time I think of you and think I should message you, you beat me to it! Doesn't she look cute?

    As far as the boppy goes, I'm so jealous!!! If they weren't $50 I'd buy myself one!!!

    How are you?

  6. Just saw your comments. I wish blogger would notify when people respond to comments. Maybe that's too much like facebook.

    I'm doing well, but I miss you both.


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