Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Like Father Like Daughter (Obnoxious Prenatal Yoga Bloopers)

Ok, so I'll be the first one to admit that I have a little bit of my father AND my mother in me. I'd like to say that I get the best of both of them, but I tend to get my obnoxious and nervous behavior from my dad...just wait...you'll see!

Mom keeps telling me stories of when the two of them went to lamaze classes and dad bounced tennis balls off of her back. Sounds like something I would do...I'm sure I've told you before that Meg threatens me every time we go to the OB and I start playing with the models!

I'm not always bad...Take tonight, for example...in an attempt to be supportive, I encouraged Meg to try out the prenatal yoga dvd I bought her at the beginning of the pregnancy. I should mention that Meg is very familiar with yoga (she used to go/do it frequently at home) I, on the other hand, am not! Every time Meg asked me to go with her or to do it with her, I refused.

I don't know if it's the quietness or the breathing or the chanting or just the outfits the women wear...something about it just makes me really uncomfortable (to the point where I want to crack up and be obnoxious). It's uncontrollable really!

As I fast forwarded through the introduction on the dvd, I promised myself that I would try to keep an open mind and be supportive for Meg (and the baby). Immediately, I was distracted by the women's  outfits. They were sort of like bathing suits and leotards mixed together. Naturally, I cracked my first joke, stating that we were not equipped to do this video because we didn't have the uniform (I should get one for Meg for Christmas?!?)

Meg smiled, but otherwise ignored me. We started doing the stretches. The woman kept saying the word exhale, but instead of saying exhale, she would say, "ex-sale." This annoyed me- to the point where I felt the need to repeat and mock her...otherwise destroying the relaxing atmosphere of yoga.

As we moved into the downward dog stretches, I quieted down and started to behave. It didn't last for long though. I could feel myself getting bored with the breathing...SO, I felt the need to remind Meg that she should be following the 2nd trimester woman. (I decided prior to the start of the video that I would follow the third trimester woman!)

All of the sudden, we had to stand up with our legs straight and sway our arms back and forth. I felt like an octopus! It was great!!!

Are you ready for the good part??? As the video neared the end, the lead woman told us to sit on the floor and prepare for our kegel exercises. All I can say is THANK GOD we were in our own house and NOT in public because I have never laughed so hard.

The woman, so matter of factly, stated, "start at the basement, move to the first floor, then the second floor, and finally to the third floor." When the madness was over, I turned to Meg and asked if it was bad that I was hoping to see her vagina moving through the floors (she had the worst camel toe!!!) Meg laughed and said she was watching for it too!!!

Totally made my night! LOL!!!

Stay tuned for details from tomorrow's segment! (Standing Poses)


  1. Omg. I found your blog yesterday and can't stop reading.. Your a great blogger. This post in particular, really makes me laugh out loud.. So funny..

    1. Aw yay! I'm so glad you found us! It gets better..keep reading ;-)