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Christmas Traditions (lots of pictures!)

After a wonderful Thanksgiving, Meg and I were anxious to set up for Christmas...We had my dad come over to the house to help bring down the decorations from the attic (I wasn't about to have Meg lifting heavy boxes).

I told Dad we were looking for 6 tupperware boxes (Meg told me that number a few days earlier) but she kept on insisting that it was only 5. So, 5 boxes came down.

While I battled a head cold, Meg decorated the house. She had a minor freak out moment when she realized an entire box of decorations was missing. I didn't say, "I told you so." (you should be proud!) I didn't even tease her about her pregnancy brain. Instead, I held the attic stairs while she went up to find the missing box. (Don't worry...she passed the items down to me individually)

Last night Meg and I went to our local farm to search for the perfect Christmas tree. I'm sure there are cheaper places to buy trees (people tell us every year) but it's our tradition. Usually we do the light show, but we decided to wait until later in the season for that.

It took us less than 10 minutes to pick the tree. While the guy made a fresh cut and tied the tree to our car, Meg and I took a picture in front of the singing tree and headed inside to look for a new ornament.

It is our annual tradition to buy a special ornament that symbolizes our experiences for the year (some years we have bought more than one ornament...stocking stuffers for each other). Over the past 8 years, we have racked up engagement ornaments, wedding ornaments, and first home ornaments.

We started talking the other day about what type of ornament we needed to buy to symbolize this year. Did you know they make turkey baster ornaments? We're not buying one, but I thought it was amusing!

I did find a few cute "expecting" ornaments on the internet, but we're going to wait to buy one just in case we find one on Friday (I'm taking Meg to Peddler's's very crafty and has unique items)

Until then, here is a picture of our place holder's perfect!

I should also mention that my mom bought Meg an "I did it!" ornament to signify her graduation from Temple University, so that made it on the tree too!

Here we are setting up the tree...

I suppose we should have taken a picture of the two of us in front of the tree, but last night it was way too late by the time we got the tree up and tonight Heineken was trying to eat the ornaments off of the tree! Don't believe me??? Here's proof!


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