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One Week Later...

It has been 7 days since the birth of our beautiful little girl and I've already learned so much...Here are the highlights so far...

1. I've learned how to change a wet diaper.

2. Keeping with number 1, I've learned that if I don't change Avery's diaper fast enough or if I try to change her before she fully wakes up Avery will pee on me! (definitely not just a boy thing!)

3. I've learned how to change a poopy diaper.

4. Keeping with number 3, I've learned that Avery can (and will) projectile poop if I don't change her diaper fast enough (happened twice so far!)

5. I've learned how to swaddle Avery (Meg is still much better at this than I am!)

6. I've learned how to make a bottle.

7. I've learned how to burp Avery..I'm kind of an expert!

8. I've learned how to tell when Avery is hungry (she does this weird thing with her tongue...Meg calls it rooting...I call it "Barney Crouch-ing"...after the guy in Harry Potter Goblet of Fire!)

9. I've learned how to help Meg's breast milk dry up (I had to help Meg put on two sports bras...I then
wrapped her tightly in an ace bandage...gave her ice and motrin, and finally put cabbage leaves down her bra!)

10. I've learned that sleep is overrated.

Most importantly, I've learned that Avery makes my love for Megan stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, our home happier, our clothes dirtier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.


  1. Your statement of "most importantly.." is beautiful. Congrats to you both. You have a beautiful little girl and she is lucky to have such loving mommies. I hope one day my wife will be saving the same about me and our little one!

    1. Thank you! (I found a similar idea on the computer and ran with it...can't take full credit, BUT it's true!)

  2. LOL ... that's a lot to learn. Congrats. ;)

    1. lol, you have no idea! Some were more traumatic than others!

  3. Just wondering why you've chosen not to breast feed? I am sure you put a lot of thought into the decision. I'm hoping you'll share.

    1. It was a personal decision that worked best for our family.

  4. How did the cabbage leaves work? And thanks for the shout out lol.

    1. We put the leaves in Meg's sports bra.. and they wilted when we took them out a few hours later!

  5. Ha to cabbage leaves! Did they work? Better to smell like a wilted cabbage than maple syrup, which is what fenugreek does (and it tastes like licorice. blech). Also, yes about girls peeing--who knew?

    1. lol, I don't really think they worked. They made Meg feel a little better because they were cold (before they started to wilt, that is!)

  6. Aww so sweet :) Gotta love the poo explosions lol. I am curious as well about the cabbage leaves but I know its a personal decision so I won't push :-p

    1. The doctor mentioned the cabbage leaves before we left the hospital. He laughed about them, so I don't think he really believes in them. We used them as a last resort because Meg kept leaking through the pads (especially when Avery would cry)

      I didn't really know how to respond to the breast feeding question...there isn't really any reason except the honest truth. We know the benefits of breastfeeding, but Meg's heart wasn't in it. We went through this entire process together. She didn't want to have to pump in order for me to feed the baby. Ultimately, bottle feeding just worked better for our family.

      As far as the cabbage leaves go...people should save their money or research a recipe that calls for cabbage because that was a joke! lol they didn't work.

    2. Fair enough :) As long as it works for your family that's all that matters. As for the cabbage leaves, I just think it might get smelly lol.

    3. She didn't leave them in long enough to get to that point! lol


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