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Mother's Day weekend

Meg and I had a relaxing Mother's Day planned. She was going to garden and I was going to watch a horror movie by myself. While we were both able to partake in these activities, they weren't as enjoyable as we had expected.

I don't know if there was a subliminal message in my movie or if Avery just thought acting like a lycan (werewolf) would be cool. Either way, something turned her into a Grumpy Guss! 

She cried off and on all day. The only time she was happy was when we were sitting outside (can't say I blame her on that one...the weather was beautiful).

We changed her diaper, burped her, fed her, changed the name it...we tried it. Nothing worked...

We're convinced that the honeymoon period has ended and Avery is now exhibiting her Diva like behavior...I can't say I'm surprised...I mean, this is the kid that was content to hang out inside Meg indefinitely!

All I have to say is that she's lucky she's cute!!

Here are some pictures from Mother's Day weekend...

Relaxing with mommy...

Even though her onesie was a little big, she pulled
 off the surprise!

Hmm..what can I do next?

Still trying to figure out these things called fingers...

Mom wishes she had a pink hat!

                 Life is good

                      First staring contest

                   Pretty girl

Kisses from Mommy!


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