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First Visit to the Pediatrician

Avery had her first doctor's appointment today. She did well. She didn't gain any weight, but she didn't lose any either (still 6lbs 10 oz).

The doctor told us that she looked great. He said that her "Angel's kiss" (pink mark above her eye) will continue to fade. He also pointed out her "Stork bite" (it's a red mark...kind of looks like a rash...on the back of her neck) and said that too will fade with time. We weren't worried...we didn't even know it existed (it's covered by her hair!)

I think Meg and I were more phased by the appointment than her. She had a wet diaper and they suggested we change her on the community changing table. They had the paper roll to cover the table, but all we could think of was GERMS! Then, there was a little girl who walked way too close and coughed (yuck!) Needless to say, when we got home we took off all of our clothes (and Avery's) and washed all of our hands.

Aside from the germs, the worst part was that the office was absolutely freezing. Thankfully, our friend Tara Lyn (shout out!), told us to bring a bathrobe to wrap Avery in. It made her look like Rocky, but it worked like a charm!

Avery goes back to the doctor's in 3 weeks for her first round of shots (ugh!). In the meantime, the doctor wants us to start "cross-training" Avery. That was his creative way of telling us to incorporate "tummy time." He suggested putting something black and white next to her (so she could have something to look at)

We took off one of the balls from her mamaroo and we had our first successful "cross-training" session!


  1. If you all have a wrap or baby carrier, I find that wearing Nora after her shots helps to make her feel comforted. Good luck!

  2. I love the little robe! Also, maybe try a mirror for tummy time--EJ is totally in love with hers (when I remember to set her up with it, that is). How are you all doing with the adjustment to parenthood?

    1. ya, we definitely need to get a mirror for Avery! Everything is going well so far!

  3. Aww the robe is gorgeous! That first doctors visit was say for us too - so many sick people, so many germs!! Our little guy had to get a blood test too, that sucked!!
    He has a "stork bite" too, though I didn't know what it was til I read this post lol.

    1. lol, glad we weren't the only people clueless to the term. I kind of like it though! (doctor said all babies have them!) Wonder why?!?!? (I should google it?)

      Did they do the blood test from his heal? Avery had that done in the hospital (along with a hepatitis shot) and she was miserable. She still has a scab from the blood work.

    2. Lol i might Google it later today. Yeah it was a heel blood test, the woman was squeezing his heel for ages trying to fill this giant (ok probably not that giant) tube :(

    3. yea, that's what Avery had...we didn't watch though. They took her to the nursery. She was sleeping when they brought her back but when she woke up all hell broke loose. She was miserable!

  4. What an adorable angel! Stork bites are nothing to worry about; they are normal with most newborns and usually last for less than two years. Does Avery still have her Angel’s kiss? Anyway, I applaud you for the extra precaution you took with all those germs. You are great parents!

    Chalice Lindgren

    1. Hey! Thank so much for writing! She does still have her angel kiss above her eye. It's faint, but still there.

      We were definitely overly funny to go back and read this.


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