Saturday, May 12, 2012

First outing

Yesterday was our first family outing (not counting the pediatrician visit). We ventured out to the garden center in search of some Mother's Day flowers and plants (it was all outdoors...don't worry!).

Avery enjoyed her first ride in her stroller, but eventually started to cry. Thankfully my mom was there to help. She pushed the cart to the checkout counter while I took Meg (and Avery) back to the car.

It was an eventful that left Avery feeling all tuckered out...(don't you love how she sleeps with her arms up in the air??)

P.S. I nicknamed Avery "Scooter" or "Scoot" because she uses her legs and arms to scoot across the pack n play! We put her down in the middle and by morning she's on the side!


  1. Love the arms in the air!! Happy Mothers Day to both of you, I hope you have a great one. P.S. Meg looks great :)

    1. Thank you so much! I keep telling her she looks fantastic. She doesn't believe me...maybe she will believe you!

  2. aww.. so much world for such a little baby! Happy mothers' day!