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TWW: Day 2

Today, Meg and I took Avery to a birthday party! 

She LOVED it! She went inside her first inflatable moon bounce (specifically designed for toddlers) She tried to run up the slides (not sure why she is obsessed with breaking the rules!) She went on the swings, sat on a mermaid's lap (it was a little mermaid theme) and even got her first tattoo (a fish)

Here are some of my favorite pictures...

The best part of MY day happened when we were out at dinner. We went to our local organic pizza place. Meg picked a table close to the door. 

In walked a young boy with his family. He peeked at our pizza and asked his mom why we had so much. She encouraged him to ask us. I told him Avery is a growing girl. He then asked why she had two moms. Fortunately I had a few extra seconds to think of an appropriate response...meg thought he asked why Avery had two arms and proceeded to answer! (Lol!) He giggled and then asked again. My reply..."because she's lucky!"

He then went on talking about his family and how he has a mom and dad and a brother and if he had another mom one could do this and the other could do that...

His mom interjected and said she liked my answer. She said that she was raised to believe that love is love. It just needs to be happy and healthy.

The family walked away and my faith in humanity was restored...well, at least until my sweet, little, 6 year old friend walked out the door and said, "what the f$@k?"

The silver least he knew I was a girl (I was wearing a baseball hat!)


  1. This had a problem publishing last night! Sorry for the delay!

  2. Excellent photos. And great response on the Two Moms question. Good luck on your TWW.


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