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And then there were two

Megan always says that I tell the longest stories, so I promised myself that I would try to make this one short and sweet!

I'm sure you remember that we only have three vials from our original donor left in storage. This month we started actively trying to conceive. We started by tracking Meg's blood work on Day 3 of her period. We then made an appointment to come back to the doctors on Day 14 of her cycle (July 8)

We had to go in for ultrasounds and blood work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. I'd venture to say that we're on our way to becoming best friends with all of the nurses, receptionists, and staff at RMA.

Meg's blood results followed her charts (progesterone, estrogen were where they expected. It was just a matter of waiting for signs of ovulation based on Meg's surge.)

At each ultrasound we watched the follicles grow. (The doctor said that Meg's left ovary decided to take this cycle off...Apparently it's totally normal.). Meg had several follicles on the right side but one was significantly larger than the rest. Monday 21mm. Tuesday 24 mm. Wednesday 26mm.

I reread old posts on here and knew that Meg's follicle (with Avery) was 27mm, so I suspected we were close.

Sure enough, we received the call (yesterday) saying that we needed to come in (today) for insemination.

We arrived a little before 7. The staff was really excited to see Avery. (She's been by our sides through out this entire process) Avery munched on her bagel and watched some Barney on my Ipad while the sample thawed. While we sat there waiting, Meg heard a song playing in the distance. It was Andy Grammar's "You Gotta Keep Your Head Up" (our theme song when trying to conceive Avery) It made us smile.

We were called back by 7:20. The nurse confirmed Meg's birthday and our donor's number. We waited for the nurse practitioner to come in. She greeted Avery (the two became friends yesterday) and then said, "Good Morning" to Meg and myself.

She also confirmed Meg's birthday and our donor's number. She told us that the sample looked awesome. Our donor provided us with 100 million sperm with 30% motility (last time he had 60 million and 40% motility. The cycle before that was 50 million 40% motility) I still don't understand the whole process. I read today that if you multiply the number of sperm by the motility it tells you how many functional sperm the sample has (don't quote me on it!) If that is correct, this sample has more than the last sample and the one before that. Fingers crossed for one super strong swimmer!

Before Kelly started the IUI I told Meg, "This is it. Don't get scared now." (I figured I needed to keep the tradition going!) The IUI was finished around 7:30. We waited for 15 minutes before leaving the office.

Meg took it easy for all of 10 minutes. She had some cramping throughout the day, but it obviously wasn't enough to keep her on the couch. We went out to lunch with my mom and even made a Target run.

We had a great day with Avery. The entire process seems so different now that we have her. There were moments where we forgot we even inseminated. There were others when we looked at each other and just sighed. It's so surreal.

It will happen if it's meant to be. With only two vials left, I think we're both hoping it works this time around.

Here are some pictures from our day:

Avery walking around the waiting room..she likes to look out the door!

Watching Barney and finishing breakfast!
Sitting with mommy!
Taking it all in...such a beautiful little girl!
Legs up!

My girls!


  1. I'm so excited for you guys!!! We're hoping to finally having our first IVF cycle next month (after a year of unsuccessful IUI's). Hope it'll work for you the first time! Good luck!

  2. Yay! So exciting for you guys too! Please keep us posted!

  3. Wonderful! So excited for you ladies! Whooohoooo!

  4. So excited! It seems like just yesterday you had Avery, can't wait to see her with a little brother or sister! xx

  5. Good Luck, I can understand the stress on only having a few vials left.

    1. Thanks! We are okay should we have to choose a new donor, but it would be nice if we didn't have to. :-)

  6. It is so so good to hear from your family again! I am sending so many thoughts of good luck with this insemination. And that Avery...she is just so cute. What a delightful distraction from all the craziness that TTC can bring.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy that we have so much support!

  7. Awesome!!! Hurry up and get pregnant and we'll be about the same distance apart as with Avery and Thatcher! Well a couple more weeks but still! We are so nervous about another baby - Thatcher can be such a handful as it is!!!! Cant wait to hear the results!

  8. Goodluck, hope you get a BFP! Also, just noticed you used RMA of Philadelphia. My wife and I used them as well. We live in Warminster! Nice to know there are other lesbian couples TTC local to us.


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