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Long Night

What a way to end vacation!! We spent the last couple of hours in the ER. Poor Avery has a double ear infection. 

The diagnosis was the easy part. Administering the antibiotic was horrendous. Avery reenacted the exorcist (twice) and cried inconsolably afterwards. It was heartbreaking. 

We gave her Tylenol before driving to the hospital. They then gave her Motrin. Eventually her fever came down...this prompted the doctor to send us home with a script for the antibiotic (guess she figured we might have better luck mixing a concoction at home!)

I can't wait to put this in our photobook! Avery got two awesome hospital gowns. Meg and I got scrub tops. 

The hospital staff were amazing! The nurse said we are an adorable family. (I'm sure we all looked great!)

Nothing we can do, but laugh.

Bonus...before finding out that Avery was on fire, Meg woke me up to say that she took another pregnancy test and there wasn't a line and that she was "freaking out" 

I went into the bathroom...waited for my eyes to focus...turned on the light and saw two lines. I went back in to ask Meg what time it was and she told me it was a little after 11 (she went to the bathroom before we went to bed at 9:40.)

I laughed and asked her why she took the test. She laughed and said it felt like she had been sleeping forever.


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