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Update/ 6 weeks

When I don't post for an extended period of time I always feel as if I need to give a synopsis as to what you've missed. In my head, it always sounds really quick and ends with "so, here's what you missed on Glee." Ha...

So, here's what you missed about the Wiegand's:

-I had to interview for a different teaching position (my school is being taken over).
-I signed a contract with my new school.
-I tried to go vegan and found out I'm allergic to soy.
-We had friends come to visit and meet Avery for the first time.
-Megan took Avery to the mall, to visit her former class (from student teaching), and to run errands ALL BY HERSELF!!!
-Megan and I have been bickering about everything under the sun...all is well, but hormones are no joke!
-Avery moved out of newborn diapers and into level 1's.
-Avery has grown out of almost all of her newborn clothes.
-She is now drinking 4.5 ounces of formula.
-She's going bald, but still has a pseudo mullet thing going in the back.
-Best of all, she has blessed us with 6 hour stretches over the past two nights.

So, that's what you missed.

Today marks 6 weeks for Miss Avery. She's right on track with regards to a peak in fussiness...On Tuesday she started waking up during her naps crying...we're talking tears streaming down her face crying. It's truly unbelievable how a baby's mood can change so drastically.

Seriously, I didn't even believe Meg when she told me because when I came home Avery was as happy as can be. We were playing on the carpet. She was giving me gas smiles and then all of the sudden, for no apparent reason, she just started wailing.

So, yea...the solution...two phone calls to the doctor and some gripe water. Avery is still fussy, but much better.

This picture was taken before she turned into a demon spawn capable of producing deafening screams...she's lucky she's cute!

Here are a few pictures from our mini hiatus (I didn't blog, but I did remain faithful to taking a picture every day!):

Avery loves the bath..

Avery met Aunt Paff & Uncle Matt...they came all the way from New York!!!

Aunt Paff took a couple family pictures for us...

We taught Avery how to do the hula...(disregard her newborn skirt from old navy that was way too big!)

Avery met Violet, Aunt Taralyn & Uncle Jason...

Last, but not are a few of my favorite pictures...


  1. Ha! Loved the Glee catch up reference! Your daughter is beautiful - looking forward to re reading over old posts to follow your ttc journey - you give me hope!

  2. Boohoo. I posted but it doesn't show..trying again! We are ttc and your lovely photos and daughter give me hope! Going to hunt over old posts to follow your journey.
    Huge congrats from London :)

    1. Sorry...I have it set so that I have to approve the comments before they post.

      I'm so glad you found us.

      I wish you all the luck in the world as you ttc. It's truly an amazing process (though the beginning was extremely emotional and difficult)

      Keep us posted!

  3. I have been following you since the beginning. I love getting your updates. She is so pretty. I can't wait to start trying one day. You guys definitely give me a lot of hope. I am trying to stay positive but all the money it will take for us to have a little one really overwhelms me. I know it will be worth it in the end just hope I can save enough to get there! So happy for you guys.

    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for sticking around even when it seems as though I've fallen off the planet!

      It does cost a lot of money, but you'll never be truly prepared to have a baby.

      You should touch base with your health insurance. Ours covered everything minus the swimmers and pregnancy was 100% covered too (then again, we were very lucky in that regard)

      Try not to get discouraged.

  4. Aww so gorgeous :)
    I totally get what you mean about post-birth hormones! They are almost worse than pregnancy hormones! And don't even get me started on breastfeeding cravings lol.
    Are you still eating vegan? I have been vegan for about 2 years and I don't eat soy so its definitely possible.

    1. Thank you! I wasn't even pregnant and my cravings are out of control. My body is so toxic that I only want junk food. It's bad and definitely time to take back the control!

      As far as the vegan goes, no. How do you do it without soy? It's literally in EVERYTHING! I'm lactose intolerant when it comes to dairy so I do eat daiya cheese and bought almond milk.

      Just not sure how to get protein...

      I'm willing to listen to whatever advice you have to offer!

      Meg and I have decided to narrow down our meat products to only chicken and turkey (white meat). Even so, we would only like to consume them minimally.

      Meg said she would try vegetarian, but didn't see herself going vegan.

      So yea...that's where we're at.


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