Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Night in Crib/Trip to see Meg's parents (LOTS of pictures!)

So...last night was Avery's first night in her crib. It wasn't a bad night, but it wasn't the 2-4.5 hour stretches we've grown accustomed to. Instead, Avery ate at 8pm...slept from 8:50-12:00, ate again at 12...slept from 12:35-3:15...ate at 3:20...was awake until 4:20...slept from 4:20-7:00. Oh, and she had two poop explosions!

Meg and I felt like zombies when we woke up! Avery, on the other hand, woke up happy as can be. I guess she was proud that she made it through her first night in her crib! 

Her brothers were proud of her too...

This afternoon we took Avery to visit her Mommom and Poppop (Meg's parents), her Uncle Eddie (Meg's brother) and her cousin Ryleigh (Eddie's daughter)...Avery took a cat nap on the way there (which was great because I was totally carsick from sitting in the back!) 

All of the sudden, she started smiling away...

By the time we arrived, Avery was ready to "play" with her cousin...she looked around the room, smiled, stuck out her tongue, spit up, and practiced kicking her legs and flailing her arms! 

What a day!