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first scare (hope it's the last!)

Meg called me late this morning to tell me she was having pain on her lower right side. She told me she called the OB and was waiting for a call back.

I tried to reassure her and calm her down, but inside I was a mess. I called my mom as soon as we hung up...I needed reassurance!

I then got on the internet and googled pain in the 2nd trimester. Sure enough, I had the diagnosis long before Meg called me back.

The OB said it is called round ligament pain. It is perfectly normal and happens because the uterus is stretching. I told Meg to take it easy and that I would check in soon.

I text my best friend, Trish (to let her know what was going on). She called me right away and I could barely fight back the tears. 

EVERYONE told me that the pain was normal and not to worry, but it was/ and still is absolutely terrifying. 

Meg's coworker, Jane, was nice enough to drive Meg to my parents' house (she was at work when all of this started)...Meg threw up on the way (she gets carsick easily) but felt better (nausea-wise) immediately after. Unfortunately, the pain didn't go away.

In fact, while resting at my parents', the pain shifted from the right to the left. Meg was able to feel Avery several times, so that made me feel a little better. 

I called to check on her periodically throughout the day...We ended up eating dinner with mom and dad before coming home. 

I felt so bad. Meg could barely walk. She was hunched over and grimaced with every step. Again, I got on the computer to google ligament pain and one site suggested stretching. I mentioned the prenatal yoga dvd to Meg. She agreed to try.

It seems to have worked. She's still in pain, but she seems more herself. We'll stretch again before bed and hopefully tomorrow she will wake up good as new! (I should mention that she was really active yesterday at work and came home saying she was exhausted. I think she just overdid it.)

No worries though, she says that she still loves being pregnant!!! (she's terrified of going into labor though, lol!)


  1. Ya know, on the CCB page someone posted a "sad story" about how they carried their baby till 37 1/2 wks and then had a stillborn because the cord got tied in a knot or something. That weekend I read that I was freaking out cuz Tommie would say, "man I haven't felt Thatcher move in awhile," or "he isn't kicking hard like normal." Had me freaking out!!!!!! It's ridiculous but I think I feel so helpless and because I am not the one experiencing I can only go on what she says....

    We are both google fools! LoL...that's the first thing I always do too! I guess the worrying from the day we got pregnant is never going away - they are just making us practice right now!

    Hope she feels better!

  2. I completely agree! When she says pain I freak out! But yea, I'm convinced that I'll worry for the rest of my life!

    She's doing much better...thanks for thinking of us!

  3. Whoo. That sucks--I've had a few twinges, but nothing that lasts too long. I'm glad it was just the ligaments! And just think how much more worried we'll all get when the baby isn't attached to one of us any more and can go and get into trouble all on their own! Makes me sick just to imagine it...


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