Sunday, June 26, 2011

TWW (the two week wait)

I already told you I was obsessed with reading blogs, but what I didn't tell you was that I had to familiarize myself with the pregnancy lingo used on online forums. I didn't even know what the hell the two week wait was and I definitely didn't know that it would be the longest two weeks of our lives.

Though we understood the statistics (6-26% chance of getting pregnant), each "symptom" got our hopes up. We took 7 pregnancy tests (all BFN-big fat negative...don't worry you'll catch on...I did!) Our friends reassured us that sometimes the Hcg levels can be too low to detect on a test, so we clung to that idea.

We were so afraid to be intimate (it usually brings on Meg's period) that I barely even kissed Meg. Thinking about it now, this is probably another reason why it felt like the longest 2 weeks ever!

I guess I should explain that the two week wait is the 14 days from ovulation (and in our case, insemination) to the start of the next period/cycle.

We had a doctors appointment on June 22 (which I believe was Day 37 of Meg's cycle...stupid progesterone) They took a blood test and asked us if we took a home pregnancy test. When we said "yes, it was negative." The nurse replied, "oh." It was discouraging, but again I tried not to lose hope. I asked her what would happen if the test came back negative and Meg was still late for her period. She told us that they would retest her. You could tell by her tone that it wasn't a typical occurrence (despite what people write about on the internet)

Meg and I hugged and kissed goodbye and went to work. Waiting was agonizing. I must've checked my cell phone every minute. When Meg finally called me and told me it was negative I was heartbroken (as was she)

At first it was hard to even think about trying again. It's devastating. You look around and all you see are pregnant women or families and you can't help but think why the hell didn't it work? Was the timing off? Was the cycle a dud? Did the sperm not work right?

I'm still struggling with these questions, but I feel a hell of a lot more optimistic now that we've started cycle 2. I'd like to think that it will be easier this time around, but I highly doubt it.

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