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Cycle 1 Recap

Meg and I met with our doctor 4 days into her period (day 4 of her cycle) on May 19th. We didn't really know what to expect. The visit started out as a consult in the doctors office. She explained the process of IUI (intrauterine insemination). She answered some of our questions, but we never really discussed the details of achieving pregnancy (this will come into play later on). Meg had some blood drawn (11 about bruising!) and then we went into the room for her first internal ultrasound.

Meg was freaking out. I, on the other hand, was documenting our journey by taking pictures of the ultrasound monitor and Meg uncomfortably sitting on the table. She was a good sport though!!!

When the doctor came in, we watched her highlight the eggs, the uterine lining, the follicles and measure the diameters of everything. She then printed out pictures to put in Meg's chart! It was pretty cool!

From there we went to an office to discuss finances. This part was pretty painless for us because of my insurance. The nurse gave us an overview should Meg need to use Ovidrel (a shot injected into the belly that triggers the release of mature eggs) and told us that we would hear back from them regarding the blood work.

We left the office feeling hopeful and excited to start this adventure. The positive feelings were soon overtaken by frustration as Meg and I went back and forth to countless doctors appointments to check her blood work and chart her ovulation cycle.

Here's how it happened. On, May 28th, Meg and I went in for our 2nd ultrasound and blood work. (Day 13 of Meg's cycle). Her eggs weren't mature yet, but the results from the blood work showed a higher LH level, so on May 30th, (Day 15) the doctor suggested that Meg may have had her LH surge which would have indicated we missed the window for ovulation. The problem was that her estrogen and progesterone levels were not where they were supposed to be, so the doctor said the cycle could be a "dud" but she wanted us to come back to the doctors on June 3 (Day 19) to see if anything had changed.

On Day 19, the eggs were more developed and Meg's estrogen and progesterone levels had increased, but not enough to signify ovulation, so again we were told to wait.

This brought us to June 7 (Day 23).  Meg's egg was mature and the doctor thought Meg would take the shot of ovidrel and inseminate on June 9th, but the doctors office called later with the results from her blood work and told us that we would, in fact, inseminate on June 8th.

Meg and I couldn't believe it. We were actually going to get to try this month after all.


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