Sunday, June 26, 2011

Emotions run high

As naive as this may sound, Meg and I honestly thought we were pregnant after our first insemination. The truth is that no one can prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster that is TTC (trying to conceive).

I was constantly on the computer looking at blogs trying to convince myself that the negatives on the HPTs (home pregnancy tests) were normal.

What I failed to mention in the Cycle 1 recap was that the doctors office had Megan using a progesterone gel to thicken her lining and increase the chances of implantation. Meg used the sample packets of gel for 4 days. When we found out it would cost $240 for 15 days, I had Meg call the doctors and tell them we were going to discontinue using the product. The doctor brought Meg in to check her progesterone levels. They told her that if her level was above 10 she would be safe to discontinue the gel. It came back 10.8, so we given the green light.

Needless to say, Meg felt horrible and had every symptom that indicated a pregnancy. She was craving chocolate milk, had sore nipples, bloating, cramping, but never any signs of her period. I suppose I should tell you that her cycle is very regular (30, 28, 32 days max!). Having ovulated on day 23, we were really confused as to when she was even expected to get her period.

Unfortunately, all of these symptoms were a result of the progesterone. Apparently it can delay your period and enhance period symptoms (which are very similar to pregnancy symptoms)

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