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Second Beta

Meg's 2nd beta with Avery was 651 (from 258). Her Progesterone dropped so they had us go in for a third beta. With Harper, her second beta was 783. 

Meg went to RMA first more bloodwork this morning. They just called back. Her progesterone is 25.2 and her hcg was either 1582 or 1852 (Megan can't remember) 

Meg threw up at work the other day. Since then. she has been feeling really blah and has a constant feeling of nausea. She's also physically exhausted and has sore boobs. Good times!!! 

We have our first ultrasound a week from today! (Next Thursday) 

We haven't told the girls yet. It's only a matter of time!


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10 weeks

Today we had our last appointment at RMA. It was bittersweet. We were able to spend some much needed time with Doctor Castlebaum. I know I have said it before, but he's seriously fantastic! 
The baby was moving all over the place. It was all amazing! 

We left something for them to remember us...

We will miss them dearly!

Everything is better when you're at the beach

Four years ago Megan and I brought Avery to Ocean City, New Jersey for a mini family vacation. There, we tested positive (on Day 10) with Harper. We were surrounded by friends and family and minus the fact that Avery got her first bad ear infection and the trip ended with us in a NJ emergency room, it was perfect.
Today is Day 10 and again we are in Ocean City with family and friends. We went to bed REALLY late. I had a hard time falling asleep and when I did I had dreams about testing. Harper just woke me up to go to the bathroom (she rarely does that). It's 3:20AM Megan just took a pregnancy test and the results are in...

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We were on vacation in the Outerbanks this week, but we remembered to take our weekly photos! I even snagged a cute picture of Meg's belly! 

9 weeks 4 days...

The baby is approximately the size of Sebastian (1.25") 
Bonus pictures...notice the wild horses behind us!!!

We have our last ultrasound with RMA on Monday. We would have graduated while away, but we begged for a last visit so we could see Dr. Castlebaum one final time! 
We have our first official OB appointment September 6!