Thursday, July 20, 2017

First Ultrasound

This morning we had our first ultrasound for baby 3...we saw the gestational sac and yolk sac. The doctor says everything looks perfect! 

The doctor just called with Meg's bloodwork. Her hcg is up to 20,201 and her progesterone is at 20. We go in for our next ultrasound next Thursday. We will hopefully get to see the heartbeat (fingers crossed!)

Megan is feeling pretty sick these days. It's different than with the girls. She has an overwhelming feeling of nausea and terrible acid reflux. 

We are heading to the beach tomorrow. Should be a fun weekend! 


  1. Such great news! My wife had much worse nausea with pregnancy #2 and as you know, it was a boy! Maybe that's the case here as well! Ekkkkk! :)

  2. With the girls she would throw up every morning. This time around she has nausea off and on ALL day. The acid reflux is really bad too!

    We aren't going to find out the sex this time. It's going to be painfully difficult. I hate surprises! I was convinced that it would definitely be a girl (the donor has 7 girls!) but now I don't know!!!