Sunday, June 25, 2017

Round 2!

We went to RMA this morning for bloodwork and another ultrasound (cycle day 13). The girls stole the hearts of everyone (as usual)!


The doctor greeted the girls and addressed their matching outfits. It was cute. 

He said that Megan has a "magnificent lining." He quickly measured her follicles. I caught a glimpse of one, but he was very brief and didn't elaborate like other doctors. I think it said 21.5mm.


He told us that everything looks great and that he suspects tomorrow will be our next IUI. 

On the way out we checked the location of our sperm and stalked our favorite Doctor's schedule in hopes of coordinating the IUI. 


We just received the results from the bloodwork (estrogen 341, progesterone 1) We will have our second IUI for baby #3 tomorrow morning!

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