Monday, June 12, 2017

False Hopes

After testing negative on Day 11 and 12 we started to make peace with trying again in June. We even went so far as to say we wouldn't even test again (I thought we were out of tests when I suggested this) 

Yesterday (Day 13), Meg woke up at 4 am and peed on the last remaining stick in the house. The faintest blue line IMMEDIATELY appeared. 

We were both in shock. We laughed. We hugged. We went back to sleep.

Something told us that we needed to confirm what felt like a miracle, so we went to Target as soon as it opened. We came home and saw another negative. Part of me thought that Meg's pee was just too diluted (I swear she pees every hour!) but I started googling.

I looked up evaporation lines. We followed the instructions. We saw the line right away so we weren't outside of the timeframe. 

More googling...Walgreen Early Pregnancy Test (generic version compared to EPT with 99.9% accuracy) There were MANY negative reviews. Some that said the test registered false postive.

Meg took another pregnancy test this morning (First response) and it was negative. We were (and still are) extremely disappointed. I don't understand, but this morning's blood test just confirmed that this cycle did not work.

We have one more vial. We are waiting for Meg's period. We will go back to the doctor on Day 3 of her cycle.


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