Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We are just about halfway through week 6. 

Meg is feeling sick. She feels crappy pretty much all day long. She's been taking Zofran, so the nausea is a little better than with Avery. 

Yesterday we woke up relatively early (so we could get to our appointment on time.) I stayed upstairs to get ready. Meg went downstairs with Avery. I was just about finished when I heard Meg cough.

I knew she was going to throw up. I just didn't foresee the events that followed.

I took a video (later in the day) to show you how Avery reacted to Meg's morning sickness. 

(Working on how to upload it from my phone) Just know She's a trip!

Our appointment went well. They wouldn't let us listen to the heartbeat...apparently it's a lot of radiation and studies show it could cause birth defects (our doc said it was highly unlikely but for insurance purposes he has to follow protocol) BUT We were able to see the beating heart. It was just as amazing as I remember. 

Everything looks perfect.

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