Wednesday, August 14, 2013

6 weeks

As promised, here is the video of Avery's reaction to Meg's morning sickness...hilarious

At six weeks, our baby is the size of a pea. He or she is starting to sprout a nose, eyes, ears, a chin and cheeks.


  1. Haha that video is hilarious! What made Meg puke... was it Avery gagging on her food? That was too funny the other day. Poor Meg... I hope the next 6 weeks fly by!

    1. She woke up and moved around too much before taking a was the story of her life when she was pregnant with Avery. Zofran has helped

  2. Oh and by the way here is the place Chris and I went at 14 weeks for the gender reveal....

  3. Bahaha! I have your blog on my sidebar and when I noticed Avery's little reaction I cracked up! First off, that's the first I've ever seen a moving video on my sidebar (which was pretty cool) but her sticking her little head in the toilet is just hilarious. She's like, "what's that mommy"?! ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing the video! That's is hilarious!

  5. Haha!! Love the video!! Her face is priceless!