Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving/Black Friday


Meg worked on an art project with Avery early Thanksgiving morning. Together they made turkey place cards using Avery's hands and finger paint. They turned out really cute!!!

We then went over Meg's parents' house for breakfast. There, we enjoyed some awesome Manhattan bagels and watched Avery and Ryleigh play.

For dinner, we headed over to my parents' house. It was bittersweet because my parents were sad (they had to take their 9.5 year old Newfoundland to the animal hospital for surgery) On a more positive note, dinner was great and Avery didn't cry for family (she has really bad stranger danger these days).

Here are several pictures from Avery's First Thanksgiving:

Hanging with Uncle Brandon...

Avery's project...

Head of the table...

Sitting with her great nana and great papa...

Meg's Turkey brownie pops...

Family picture...Avery missed the smile memo


We didn't venture out early like previous years. Instead, we slept in, relaxed a little, and then hit the mall in the afternoon.

Avery wanted to hit Target, but we decided to wait on that.

At the mall, we hit Baby Gap (talk about crazy), waved to Santa, checked out the fountains, and then went to Build a Bear.

Avery LOVED Build a Bear. She picked out the cheapest bear (we gave her the two cheapest to choose from) which was awesome. She helped step on the pedal to stuff her bear. She even kissed the bear's heart and watched her get sewed up. 

Meg and I helped Avery choose an outfit. Meg and I then named her bear. We called her "Merry" in honor of Avery's First Christmas. (Avery had passed out by that point!)

It was a great start to the holiday season!