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18 Updates

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged (NOTE- the following updates are not in any specific order):

1. Avery celebrated her 7 month birthday
2. She started crawling (army crawling, but it still counts...) 
3. Her top teeth started coming in (they have taken forever and are just now starting to really breakthrough)
4. She said "Mama" (though it still sounds a little angry) 
5. She sat on Santa's lap (and didn't cry...she actually smiled)
6. She picked out two Christmas trees (our first one died two weeks into December). 
7. She learned how to clap (she claps ALL the time!)
8. She learned how to blow raspberries (it's really more like spitting in a cute way) 
9. She tried turkey and loved it.
10. She ate butternut squash and pasta (she picks them up all by herself)
11. She had her booster flu shot and only cried for a second.
12. She has a new play area in our living room (equipped with her own storage system from IKEA, a LOT of toys, and a learning carpet-we found out that the foam tiles can cause cancer so we opted against them...despite how cute they look!)
13. She made Christmas arts and craft presents for family members (she fingerpainted Christmas trees)
14. She went to her first 1 year old birthday party-can you believe that her boyfriend, Jack, is 1 already?!?! (she had been invited to two other 1 year old bday parties but had to miss them because of illnesses)
15. She went Christmas Eve shopping (it's our annual tradition).
16. She is learning to sit up from lying flat on the floor...she's close, but needs to perfect her form
17. She's starting to pull herself up...I'm not quite ready for this yet! 
18. She upgraded to Britax Roundabout convertible carseats (They fit perfectly into our compact cars!)


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