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24 week OB appointment and ultrasound drama

Meg and I had our 24 week OB appointment yesterday. I left work 20 minutes early and still almost missed the appointment...who knew that they would take Meg back into the room the minute she set foot in the office?!?! I guess they wanted to get out early seeing that it was a Friday afternoon!!!

Fortunately, Meg begged the doctor to wait to listen to Avery's heartbeat until I got there. Avery's heart sounded perfect! (130-140s) The doc measured Meg's uterus (she took a tape measure and measured from the bottom of Meg's belly to the top). She measured 25 cm and said everything looks great...apparently it should coordinate with the amount of weeks you are pregnant (give or take a cm). Pretty cool, right?

Our next appointment is February 3rd. In addition to our regular checkup, Meg will take the glucose test...she has to drink this sugary juice in a 5 minute timeframe and then have her blood drawn. Meg didn't really seem phased about it, but the receptionists and nurse gave her tips anyway...apparently the fruit punch tastes better than the orange and both are better when cold.

Needless to say, the fruit punch is sitting in our fridge, where it will chill for the next 4 weeks!

There has been some drama recently regarding probably remember me telling you that the ultrasound tech couldn't see Avery's spine at our 20 week appointment. I'm sure you also remember that we went back at 21 weeks and the ultrasound tech was really rude and sent us away after 3 minutes (she only took pictures of Avery's neck).

Well...last week, Meg called to reschedule our third ultrasound (to view the rest of the spine) for January 16th (I have off and Meg has a training) They put us in for a 7:30 appointment...we should have known that it was too good to be true because we got a phone call an hour or so later saying that our insurance doesn't cover ultrasounds in the office. The office agreed to absorb the costs (of the first two), since that was their error. BUT,  they said we need to go to the hospital to finish the scan and look at Avery's spine.

Meg said the hospital receptionist was really nice, but was pretty adamant that we come in immediately...apparently Avery is getting too big. As with everything, they have no evening hours, so Meg had to accept a 9 o'clock appointment.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the hospital receptionist said they will have to do another full anatomy scan (which takes at least an hour!) I'm sure it's a liability thing and they can't just trust the ultrasound tech that performed the scan in the office, but it's extremely inconvenient. I mean, had Meg not called to reschedule, we wouldn't have even known. I just wish someone would have caught this problem sooner because we could have went over break.

I have to give Meg credit. She genuinely tried to get out of it. She flat out asked the doctor yesterday if she could just take a quick look, so we could avoid taking more time off of work. Sadly, it didn't happen.

Ready for more drama? The hospital called as we were leaving the doctors to say that the 9 o'clock appointment on Friday the 13th was no longer available...apparently people suck at their jobs and don't schedule you when they say they will...consequently someone else has our appointment.

As it stands now, we are scheduled to go in for a 2 o'clock appointment next Friday. But it just dawned on me, as I was writing this, that Meg and I were originally going to schedule our ultrasound at the doctor's office for February 16th...I know they said Avery is getting too big, but what difference can three days make??? (hopefully not a lot!) Meg's going to call the hospital Monday morning...fingers crossed!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to see Avery again...I just wish things weren't so complicated.

On a happier note, Avery was kicking like crazy this morning! I tried to videotape Meg's belly jumping, but Avery stopped by the time I had the camera...stubborn, I know! Don't worry, I'll be on the lookout!

24 week photos still to come...


  1. I had the orange kind and it wasn't too bad--just have her drink it as fast as possible, so the gross taste is kind of over quickly. I'm sorry they can't seem to get you in at a decent time! At least you'll get to say hi again!


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