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So much has changed

Wow. Where do I even begin? 

Let's start by saying that everyone is doing well. Megan will be 37 weeks this Thursday. I don't know where the time went. 

(It's hard to believe that Avery is almost 2)

We had an ultrasound today. Harper looks perfect. (Actually, if I'm being totally honest, her ultrasound picture frightens me) I think the best part of the picture is her tiny hands and crossed arms. Her eyes and the shadows distorting her head make her look like something out of a horror movie.

BUT, I'm hopeful that she won't look like an alien when she makes her appearance. 

All jokes aside, she is in position. Meg was even dilated 1 cm. (we thought this was promising since she never dilated with Avery)

Doc said that Harper would be 6 lbs 5 ounces if Meg was to deliver now. Avery was 6 lbs 10 oz so I thought that sounded pretty accurate, but of course they throw in the little disclaimer: "she could be a pound or so over or under." (translation, we really have no idea. We are using science to guesstimate) 

Avery is great. We recently moved,
so she's enjoying her new playroom(s) and big girl room. She's had a much easier transition than Meg and I.

In the last three weeks we have dealt with two sewage problems (one of which required a professional cleaning crew), a dishwasher that nearly fell out of the counter (because they forgot a screw), a sink that wouldn't drain and needed a new pipe, industrial fans that blew out the furnace (from the professional cleaning crew), and a cat that needed to be put to sleep. Oh! Can't forget about today when Meg's car window wouldn't go up so we drove home with me shielding the window (to protect Avery) with a black trash bag. Fortunately, we are able to laugh at all of these things now.

We are also able to laugh at Avery. She surprises us daily. Tonight she dropped her binkies ( because she had to carry three) and said "oh, shoot!" She counts to twelve and likes to sing her "abc's". Her favorite movies are the croods, the lorax (which she calls bop bop-we don't understand because she knows how to say lorax), Jungle book (which she calls junky book) and Frozen. She also likes the minion mini movies and peter rabbit (which she calls bunny hop hop). She LOVES to dance. Her favorite song is Happy. 

She has become a picky eater (which I'm guessing is par for the course as far as toddlers go). She LOVES chocolate chip mini muffins. She also eats grapes, apples, soft pretzels, cheese sticks, raspberries, and every once and a while she enjoys "crunch" (cinnamon toast crunch). She will eat chicken too,
But it's hit or miss. 

We had maternity pictures recently. Avery was pretty grumpy ( it was really cold out)  but they turned out cute.

I think that's about it for now. Stay tuned... 


  1. I can't believe that you guys are already at 37 weeks! Did this pregnancy go at warp speed or is it just me?! The maternity pictures turned out great. You can just see the happiness in your faces. :)

  2. Wohoo, so glad to be reading an update from you girls.

    Your house move sounds a bit chaotic, but sometimes all you can do is laugh at the little bumps in the road!

    In the 15 and 17 week scans our daughter looked really scary, but luckily she looked pretty cute in our most recent 3D scan.

    Lovely maternity pictures, I don't think we're having any done, my girlfriend really isn't crazy about stuff like that.


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