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We're Back!!!

I can't believe that it has been over two months since I last blogged. There is so much to report that I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should go in chronological order, so lets rewind to Avery's 4 month birthday (I think that's where we left off)

4 months (September 3)
Avery's 4 month check up went well. She was 26 inches (93rd percentile) long and weighed 15 lbs 9 oz (79th percentile).

Also, in September...Avery got her second tooth and slept through the night for the first time (it took her long enough!!)

She also went on a swing for the first time (I had a cute video, but I can't seem to pull it up)

Mid-September we took Avery to a scarecrow festival...we bought Avery some bows and enjoyed a nice fall evening together.

We also went to the Camden aquarium...Avery loved looking at the fish!

We had family portraits taken for my mom's birthday..Avery was awesome!

Meg and I went to a wedding, so we left Avery with my parents. (It was our first time away from her for an extended period of time! We had a good time, but I text my parents 1,000+ times!)

Avery started sitting up (though she still needed a lot of support) Oh, and she finally fit in her DUKE onesies!

We took Avery to our local farm. We went on a hayride to the pumpkin patch. Avery loved it!

5 months

Avery sported a strange facial rash for her 5 month birthday. Still not sure what it was from. She was really cranky despite the smiles in the pictures below!

Avery started drinking water out of a cup. She thought she was so cool...look at her drinking one handed!

We took Avery to the market day festival in our town. There, she was reunited with her boyfriend, Jack, and his two moms.

On October 12, 2012 we went to court for Avery's adoption...the judge approved it! Avery is legally my daughter!

On October 13th, Meg and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Here are two pictures from our wedding in Cape Cod, MA...

Avery went down a slide for the first time.

She said "Da Da" (October 14th) My response..."You don't have one. Try two mamas!"

Avery learned how to dance. Her favorite song is "The Wobble."

We visited Meg's parents. There, Avery dressed up in her lady bug costume and painted a pumpkin. (Make sure to check out her two teeth!)

Avery met a new friend...Rylee...Rylee is a few weeks older and also has two moms. They're too cute together!

The girls went trick or treating for the first time together...Avery was a Lady bug and Rylee was an Owl...Love Avery's monster face!

6 months

This weekend we took Avery to an Apple Festival. We celebrated Meg's birthday (she's 28) and Avery's half birthday (so cool that their birthdays are 6 months apart) and ate lots of delicious apple pastries!

Avery's 6 month check up will be November 12th. She's working on her 3rd tooth (this one is on top). Other than that, I think we're pretty much up to date!!!


  1. So cute! Painting the pumpkin looks like so much fun! And EJ says dada, too. And then laughs when we say, 'no. mama. ma ma ma maaaa...' :)

    1. lol. The pumpkin was cute. I may have freaked out about the mess!!! The paint was EVERYWHERE!!! Fortunately, Meg cleaned Avery up as I held her over the sink.

  2. Welcome back! These pictures are so great. I especially love the pictures of little miss lady bug, CUTE! Glad to hear that Avery is doing well and congratulations on the adoption! I have yet to start the process myself so kudos to you on getting it done in 6 months! :)

    1. Hey, thanks!!! We wanted to make sure we could get the adoption credit, so we had the paperwork submitted shortly after Avery was born. Things were slightly delayed because we needed to get additional clearances, but all worked out in the long run. :-)


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