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An Awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day

We were going to have pizza last night with a friend, but Avery had an unexpected meltdown. We tried to console her, but it didn't work. We eventually had to ask our friend to leave. It was an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day.

We were going to go to bed early and get a good night sleep, but Avery woke up every hour crying. Her eyes were closed each time, so it was easy to put her back was an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy end to the day.

We were supposed to go to a house warming party this afternoon, but Avery's night left us feeling very tired. Worse, Avery woke up super congested. It was an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy start to today.

I think we need to fly to London...

The doctor said Avery needed to drink more formula. We tried to feed her more, but Avery refused to drink. Apparently phlegm and formula don't mix. What an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day!

The doctor told us to use Saline drops and an aspirator to suck out Avery's boogies. He also told us to elevate her mattress and use a cool mist humidifier. I had to run to the store to gather supplies.

I should've stopped to buy plane tickets because this was the easiest part of our awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day.

Avery hated the drops and made funny faces, but they seemed to work. She also hated the tylenol, but it helped her to take a long first nap. We were hoping for a long second nap, but she woke up crying after 30 minutes. What an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day.

I held Avery in my arms and rocked her in the chair. She rested for another 20 minutes, but then Meg asked me where her chocolate chip cookie was. Turns out one of the dogs ate it when I went to check on Avery. What an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day.

Avery finally finished a bottle today! She still fussed when it was time to sleep. Maybe it's because she knows we're so fun and doesn't want to miss any action or maybe she just hates to be swaddled. Either way, it makes for an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day.

We really can't complain though. Avery is a healthy, beautiful baby and we're very blessed to have her. I suppose everyone has awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy days...even in London..during the olympics.


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