Monday, April 30, 2012

40 weeks 5 days (Update)

Today Meg and I had, yet another, OB appointment. Avery kicked when they tried to listen to her heartbeat. That was pretty cool, but everything went downhill from there...

The doctor asked Meg how she has been feeling. She then performed an internal exam. Despite feeling resistance, she continued to push. She even made Meg cough. Meg was extremely the point where she was sweating and nearly in tears.

The doctor told us that Meg is still less than 1 cm dilated and that we need to come back for another appointment on Wednesday.

The chance of Meg dilating between now and Wednesday is pretty slim, so I asked the doctor to give us a timeline (I wanted to compare it to the one we were given on Wednesday). She said that Meg should come back Wednesday for a nonstress test and then again on Monday. Assuming Meg does not go into labor, she would schedule her for an induction next Tuesday.

Our mouths Tuesday?? 1 day before two weeks?? Is she crazy?

I don't know if I blogged about this or not, but one of our favorite doctors warned us that there was a doctor in the practice that remained faithful to waiting two weeks past the due date.  In retrospect, I wish I would have asked who it was and spared us from this discouraging appointment.

Oh, I almost forgot...she told Meg that Avery is a small baby and shouldn't have any trouble fitting through the birth canal AND that it's not normal to feel sick before going into labor.

Gee, thanks lady!

At this point, we're both just trying to stay positive. We have an appointment on Wednesday with the doctor that owns the practice. He's absolutely fantastic, so we're hoping he'll be on board with a Friday induction (like the other doctor mentioned).


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update (40 weeks!)

Avery must have sensed our frustration because she gave Meg some bleeding this morning. Doc said congrats and that it's one of the earliest signs of labor...The only problem is that it could still take hours, days, or even a week before Avery actually comes...

Meg was still dilated about 1 cm and was 50% effaced. They moved our next OB appointment to Monday (it was originally scheduled for Tuesday)

Here is a list of the natural induction methods we tried:

Bouncing on an exercise ball
Wall squats with exercise ball
Circles with exercise ball
Swinging on a swing (We both felt motion sick!)
Bumpy car ride
Spicy food (buffalo chicken pizza for lunch!)
Lavender oil bath (the guy at GNC told us to "behave and be careful"...awkward!)

Time will tell...interesting fact..tomorrow is technically Avery's due date if you follow the leap year schedule! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dance Video and Stranger Danger!

If tonight's events don't naturally induce labor I'm fairly certain we will have to wait until May 3rd to meet Avery!

Rewind...A few weeks ago I found a video on youtube. I encouraged Meg to follow the moves exactly, but she just glared at me. Tonight she suggested I play the video (At this point, I think it's safe to say, she's ready for Avery to come out!)...Meg wouldn't let me videotape her, so you'll just have to imagine!!!

Here is the video...


After dancing to the video, Meg and I danced the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, and Crank That (lol)

Meg was pretty tired and was having a little cramping, so we decided to take a break. We went into the kitchen to pack lunches when ALL OF THE SUDDEN...

The front door opened. Without even thinking, I walked towards the foyer (about 4 steps from the kitchen) to find a young man standing INSIDE our house. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?" I asked in a very deep, protective voice. The dogs started barking uncontrollably and jumped on his legs.

Scared shitless, the young man started backing out the door. He stated that he had the wrong house and apologized several times.

It all happened so fast!!! (and would make an awesome story should Meg actually go into labor!!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

We'll call it progress!

Meg and I went to our 39 week OB appointment this afternoon. Meg gained another 2 lbs (I think she's starting to freak out!) The technician couldn't get a clear reading of Avery's heartbeat, so she made a note in Meg's chart.

The doctor checked Avery's heartbeat with the doppler and concluded that she was in the 120 range (she's usually between 140-160). She told us that it is normal for their rate to slow down as they grow and that it was nothing to worry about. I asked her if it was an indication of labor, but she said Avery could just be sleeping.

The doctor then performed an internal exam. Meg was a "fingertip" dilated (half a cm). We'll call it progress!

Our next appointment is Monday!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

38 week and 39 week photos...

I just realized that I posted an update from our last OB appointment on facebook, but failed to update many of you...

The appointment went well, but Meg still hadn't dilated. Apparently morbidity rates increase the further you get from the due date, so the doctor said she would induce Meg by May 3rd. 

We're still holding onto the hope that Avery will come within the next 3 days. We go back to the OB tomorrow, so cross your fingers for some progress...

Here are Meg's 38 and 39 week photos...

Last week (38 weeks), Avery was the length of a leek (over 19.5 inches!) She weighed roughly 6.8 lbs.

At 39 weeks, Avery is the weight of a mini watermelon. She is approximately 20 inches long and a little over 7 lbs.

Meg is doing well. She handles people telling her that she doesn't look 9 months pregnant in stride and is determined to work up until her due date! Her sciatic nerve pain has made sleeping more difficult. Her feet are a little swollen and she is becoming more and more uncomfortable by the day (She raids my closet on a daily basis for t-shirts because she claims that her shirts aren't fitting well these days). People keep telling her she looks lower, but nothing seems to happen, so who knows. Megan's hormones make her very sensitive, but overall she is in good spirits. 

Today she told me that she is looking forward to being able to breathe again (Avery likes to hang out and kick her in the ribs). 

This Wednesday marks 40 weeks. Avery will be the weight of a small pumpkin. I'm not going to be able to find a pumpkin this time of year, so lets hope that Avery greets us before then! 

Keep you posted about tomorrow's appointment!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update (38 weeks 5 days)

I know. I know. It's been a while. I'm sorry for leaving all of you on the edges of your seats. To ease your minds, I'll start by telling you that we're still without child.

Here's what you missed...

Meg left work early on Wednesday because she felt "weird"-she experienced lower back pain and some cramping. Essentially, she just didn't feel like herself. We thought Avery was getting close, but nothing progressed.

Meg stayed home on Thursday because she still wasn't feeling right. She actually had a few contractions in the middle of the night (the ones that start in your back and radiate to the front) Naturally, we thought that was it, but again, nothing progressed.

By Friday morning, Meg was throwing up and was insanely emotional. She had warned me about the hormones at the end of pregnancy a while back, but nothing could have prepared me for them.

While I'm not proud to admit this, I went through half of the alphabet making up nasty names for Megan because, well, calling her "Negative Nancy" lost the effect. (*NOTE* If you know someone who is pregant, please take my advice and refrain from using any of the following names: Angry Abigail, Bitchy Bertha, Crabby Carol, Debbie Downer, Emotional Erin, Frantic Fran, Grumpy Gina)

After a long talk and hard lesson learned (for me) we finally made it to Happy Hannah. All jokes aside, Meg (and I) became really frustrated with the lack of progress, so much that we spent the entire weekend walking around.

Today we reached single digits on our pregnancy calendar countdown (I guess they don't count the actual day because it's really 10 days until April 25th) We sat down with our breakfast and started reading our 38 week email from babycenter (ya, we're a little late) It started talking about counting kicks and we both looked at one another. We had never had to before because Avery has always been so active, but when we tried to think back to the last time we felt Avery we realized that it had been a long time. Needless to say, we called the OB.

Avery did start to move a little bit while Meg was on the phone, but the doctor told us that it was better to be safe than sorry. SO, we headed to the hospital.

Meg had to sign a few forms (registration) before we could head to triage. By the time that was finished, the security guard opened the doors and we were greeted by a very nice nurse (who had been expecting us).

She asked Meg a bazillion questions and then hooked her up to a fetal monitor (two circles were strapped to Meg's belly) It monitored Avery's heart rate and her movement.

We had to sit in the room for a little over an hour. Meg watched HGTV and I panicked every time Avery's heart rate fell off the chart (apparently that can happen because it's hooked up externally). We both felt relieved when Avery started moving all over the place.

Then the nurse came in to say she was going to call the doctor. At this point, I was freaking out because she didn't really let on as to why she was calling the doctor. She came back a few minutes later and said that the doctor wanted her to perform an internal exam to make sure Meg wasn't dilated (she wasn't). She said the house obstetrician would be in to discharge us.

He said that Avery looks fantastic and that he'll hopefully see us back in a few days when Meg goes into labor. Oh, he also said that Meg needs to call the doctor tomorrow and let them know if Avery's movement has increased/decreased and to follow up with our OB on Tuesday (our next scheduled appointment)

It was a scary, long day, but all is well. I think at this point, it's safe to say that Meg and I are over the waiting game. We're both tired of hearing people say, "She's not ready yet." "It will happen when it's supposed to." "You look lower." "I think it's going to happen soon."

While we appreciate everyone's opinions, this is our first time and we really have no idea what to expect. Prior to feeling her first Braxton Hicks contraction, Meg and I were content with waiting until 40 weeks. Now, every symptom/sign has been amplified and well, they just get our hopes up.

So, we're just going to take things day by day and enjoy our time together because, as so many of you have said, "It will happen when it's supposed to." (Please don't tell us that it's good we are spending time together now because we won't have time when she's born. That's just annoying!)

I promise...I'll do a better job of keeping you up to date (especially if something really does happen!) Until then, enjoy the warm weather!

Monday, April 9, 2012

OB appointment and overall update

Today marks 37 weeks 5 days. We have approximately 15 days until Avery's due date!!! Megan is feeling extremely crampy today. She is also experiencing some pressure "down there."

At the OB appointment, we found out that Meg gained 3 pounds since our last visit...This brings her total weight gain to 23 lbs (there were a few weeks where she maintained and/or lost weight)

It took the technician a few seconds to find Avery's heartbeat. I probably would have been freaking out had we not felt her move in the car. Fortunately, she was hanging out on the left side and holding steady in the 130's (apparently they noted Meg's chart that Avery is usually on the right) She's not even born yet and she's already proving to be a stubborn little ram!

The doctor came in and asked us if we had any concerns. Meg told her about the cramping and diarrhea. She said that it sounded promising and that the human body does amazing things when preparing for child birth.

She performed an internal exam on Meg and said that Meg's cervix is not quite opened, but she could feel Avery's head pushing down.

I asked her if she could pull Avery out. She laughed and, of course, said, "No." She then said that everything is progressing just as it should be and looks perfect! Oh! She also said that she is predicting Avery to be a 7-7.5 lb baby.

I told her that I predict that Megan will go into labor this weekend (Both Megan's family and my family have plans to be out of town).

She laughed and said she is working in the hospital this weekend and would see us there! Before she closed the door, she winked and said, "Stranger things have happened."

Come on Avery!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birthday wish, 37 week photos and maternity photo sneak peak

For those of you who don't know me, today is my birthday. My only wish was for Meg to go into labor. I gave Avery a pep talk early this morning and Meg tried to use "brain control" to will her to make an appearance. We even took a long walk. All she gave us was some cramping and overall uncomfortableness!

I was born at 7:33pm, so technically my wish still could come true. BUT, I think it's pretty safe to say that I will be heading back to work tomorrow (I had off all week for Spring Break, so it's going to be rough).

While I am deeply disappointed, I am trying to remember that Avery is happy and healthy inside Meg's belly. That being said, I am determined to enjoy the rest of my birthday (and Easter).

Thank you to my friends and family for making today special (I loved all of the texts, emails, and birthday wishes on my facebook wall). Thank you, mom, for making me an organic breakfast, dinner AND awesome birthday cake!

Thank you, Megan, for trying everything you could possibly think of to make my birthday wish come true. I still think you should have tried lunges, but that's just me. (kidding!)

And now for the fun stuff...Here are Meg's 37 week photos and a few of our maternity pictures. I'll post more when we receive them.

Avery is 19 inches (the length of Swiss Chard)!

Let me preface the maternity pictures by telling you that we took over 300 shots and were outside for 3 hours in the freezing cold. It was windy and misting. Our hair was blowing everywhere and I couldn't get my nose to stop running. So are a few pictures of Megan and I. The first one is, by far, my favorite (Avery was actually moving!)

Here are some of the best pictures of Meg...

This picture took a long time to perfect, but it is definitely one of my favorites!

I will post an update tomorrow afternoon after our OB appointment!

Monday, April 2, 2012

36 week photos and OB update

Today we had, yet another, routine OB appointment. The doctor told us that Meg's Strep B test came back negative (which means she won't need antibiotics during labor). She also told us that Avery's head should be able to fit through Meg's pelvis...still not quite sure how they figured that out, but whatever. Lastly, Meg had to sign a consent form saying she agrees to let them deliver Avery and administer medicine and such. Our next appointment is scheduled for Monday, April 9th.

Here are Meg's 36 week photos...Avery is the size of a Crenshaw melon. She weighs more than 6 lbs and is more than 18.5 inches long! (sidenote...the melon tasted like a cucumber...not a fan)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Pool

Today is April 1st. We have 24 days until Avery's expected due date. In order to pass the time, we started an online baby pool. Please click on the link below to enter your guess! Good luck!!!

Our Baby Pool