Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ten Updates and Photos! (22 weeks and 23 weeks!)

It has been a week since I last posted and I don't even know where to begin...SO, here are ten things that are sure to bring you up to date!

1. Meg's round ligament pain disappeared Saturday morning (just as the doctor predicted) The prenatal yoga really seemed to help. We just have to make sure Meg takes it easy and doesn't "overdo" it from here on out.

2. Meg and I had a WONDERFUL holiday! While we were unable to do a few of our annual traditions (shopping and the holiday light show), we enjoyed spending time with both of our families!

3. Avery received Christmas gifts! We've added several blankets, outfits, toys, and books to the nursery! (you should know that these were NOT gifts from us!) Meg and I did, however, use some of our gift cards to purchase clearance dresses...we couldn't mom will be so happy!!!

4. We took a road trip to Longwood Gardens. What was supposed to be an hour and 10 minute ride turned into almost 2 hours. We arrived at 5:30 only to discover that tickets were sold out until 7pm! With nothing to do, we headed to Applebees with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend. Once everyone's bellies were full (and dad had a beer), spirits were lifted! We were anxious to head back to the park. Unfortunately, an accident rerouted us three times before we actually made it thru the entrance into the parking lot. Once in the gardens, we had a great time, but I think it's safe to say that Dad will NEVER go back!

5. My new car was damaged in a car accident. Some stupid teenager decided not to wear her contact lenses and took a turn too fast and too sharp. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Still waiting for her insurance company to fix my car though.

6. Though we didn't see everyone as much as we would have liked to, we were able to catch up with some friends and family. We went shopping with our friend Amanda and scheduled an impromptu movie night with our friend Michelle (but ended up just talking and catching up!) We had dinner in New Hope with our friends Kathleen and Julie (who are also expecting). We visited our friend Tara Lyn and met her daughter Violet for the first time!!! We even spent time with my brother and his girlfriend, Bri! If only there was more time..

7. We nested! With one more purple heart donation scheduled to be picked up on Wednesday, I can officially say that we have cleaned out the house. On top of our regular cleaning, we organized our closets and the kitchen cabinets. We cleaned out the pantry. We even created a filing system for bills, receipts, and mail. The house looks great!

8. We picked out fabric for Avery's quilt. My mom started quilting a few years ago. With each quilt, she perfects her craft. Her last quilt (the one for Tara Lyn) was my favorite (and her best to date). I'm convinced that Avery's will be even better! The colors are light pink, hot pink, brown, white, moss green, and a darker shade of moss green.

9. Avery was kicking like crazy this morning! (I guess she loved the idea of breakfast in bed while watching Dexter!) Definitely going to miss feeling her when we have to go back to work.

10. Meg and I are spending New Years Eve at home for the first time in years. We're laying low, watching movies, walking to the fireworks (possibly) and otherwise enjoying our last New Years alone...this time next year, we'll have an 8 month old (give or take a few weeks!)

Sorry these are late...

22 week pictures...avery was the weight of a spaghetti squash (this picture features a yellow squash...I had to improvise!)

(picture was accidentally deleted...will restore it soon)

23 weeks...Avery is the weight of a large mango! She's getting big...over a pound now!

(picture was accidentally deleted...will restore it soon)

Friday, December 23, 2011

first scare (hope it's the last!)

Meg called me late this morning to tell me she was having pain on her lower right side. She told me she called the OB and was waiting for a call back.

I tried to reassure her and calm her down, but inside I was a mess. I called my mom as soon as we hung up...I needed reassurance!

I then got on the internet and googled pain in the 2nd trimester. Sure enough, I had the diagnosis long before Meg called me back.

The OB said it is called round ligament pain. It is perfectly normal and happens because the uterus is stretching. I told Meg to take it easy and that I would check in soon.

I text my best friend, Trish (to let her know what was going on). She called me right away and I could barely fight back the tears. 

EVERYONE told me that the pain was normal and not to worry, but it was/ and still is absolutely terrifying. 

Meg's coworker, Jane, was nice enough to drive Meg to my parents' house (she was at work when all of this started)...Meg threw up on the way (she gets carsick easily) but felt better (nausea-wise) immediately after. Unfortunately, the pain didn't go away.

In fact, while resting at my parents', the pain shifted from the right to the left. Meg was able to feel Avery several times, so that made me feel a little better. 

I called to check on her periodically throughout the day...We ended up eating dinner with mom and dad before coming home. 

I felt so bad. Meg could barely walk. She was hunched over and grimaced with every step. Again, I got on the computer to google ligament pain and one site suggested stretching. I mentioned the prenatal yoga dvd to Meg. She agreed to try.

It seems to have worked. She's still in pain, but she seems more herself. We'll stretch again before bed and hopefully tomorrow she will wake up good as new! (I should mention that she was really active yesterday at work and came home saying she was exhausted. I think she just overdid it.)

No worries though, she says that she still loves being pregnant!!! (she's terrified of going into labor though, lol!)

Monday, December 19, 2011

kick watch

You've heard of whale watching, right? Well, I've been on official kick watch for the past few days!

That being said, I can happily say I saw Avery kick tonight! Amazing!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A baby filled weekend (21 week pictures!)

Meg and I (and our friend Amanda) had an impromptu dinner date on Friday night with our friend, (and Avery's Aunt), Trish.

We met at Whole Foods. There, Trish bought Avery a Kimochi! Kimochi's are toys to teach feelings. They are so cute, so it's hard to choose just one.

We settled on Huggtopus. "Huggtopus is all smiles and hugs. She is very affectionate and strong and sometimes gets carried away by her big friendly personality. Her favorite number is 8. Her favorite color is pink. She has a special fondness for bubblegum and plays the xylophone."

On Saturday, Meg's parents came up to install our new stainless steel microwave (our Christmas gift) and to drop off bins of Meg's niece's clothing. Meg's dad was joking around saying that we would never have to buy clothes again (unless we wanted to).

After sorting through the bins Saturday night, I think it's safe to say he was right!

We sorted the bins and tried to calculate when Avery would wear the was amusing! The clothes from 0-9 months went into Avery's closet while the 12-24 months went back into the big tupperware. We put the 9-12 months on top of the tupperware.

Of course, Meg wants them to be even more organized, but we'll save that project for another day! For now, here's how the closet is looking (ignore the screens...Meg took them out of the windows to hang Christmas swags)

We found this outfit while Christmas shopping for family and friends. We couldn't resist!

Last, but not least...Here are Meg's 21 week photos...Avery is the length of a carrot!

I made fun of Meg for holding the carrot like a knife, but at least you can see how big her belly is getting!

Oh, in other news, Avery has become very active! She was kicking last night at 10, this morning at 3:40, and all throughout the day. 

It used to be only around 7pm when Meg would say, "Come here," and grab my hand. Now it's all the time! We LOVE IT! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Waste of time

So, we went for our follow up ultrasound appointment check Avery's spine (she didn't cooperate last time)

Sadly, this time wasn't much different. Our appointment was scheduled for 3:30 (the last ultrasound appointment of the day). The ultrasound technician called us back at 3:40. We were out by 3:45. It was a waste of time.

She took 1 picture of Avery's neck, pushed so hard on Meg's pelvic bone that she actually hurt her (Meg not Avery) and told us to come back again.

As if her impatient demeanor wasn't bad enough, what made it worse was that they didn't have any ultrasound appointments for January 6th (the day of our next regular check up). SO...we had to schedule one for the 10th.

Meg's going to call the doctor tomorrow to ask if the ultrasound is really necessary. All of the other tests came back fine. I don't see why we can't just wait until our final ultrasound. I guess time will tell.

On a more positive note, Avery looked great. She was moving all around...I just wish we could have seen more of her! (I could stare at her heart beating for hours!)

I'll post Meg's 21 week photos this weekend. Until then, Happy Christmas shopping! (We have yet to even start!)

Friday, December 9, 2011

The moment we've all been waiting for...

Today was our 20 week ultrasound. It felt like we'd been waiting for this day forever! (maybe that's because I hate surprises) We both took off from work so that we could get an early appointment. It worked out well because they took us back into the room about 15 minutes after our scheduled appointment time (not bad considering how long we have had to wait in the past!)

Once in the room, the ultrasound tech asked us why we were there. I was confused and a little disheartened by her question...shouldn't they know why we were coming?!

THEN she started talking about twins. "Twins!?" we asked. A moment later she smiled and said, "OH!!! Your chart has two female symbols. I assumed it was for twins, but it must represent the two of you!" We all laughed for a moment, but I swear my blood pressure must have shot through the roof!

I asked her if she would tell us the gender as soon as she found out or if we would have to wait until the end. She told us that normally she makes people wait, but since she scared us with the twin comment she might break her own rule.

I tried videotaping, but she told me I wasn't allowed. (I wish I could have because we saw the baby swallow, wave, and stick out her tongue)

Yep, that's right. It's a GIRL!!!

The technician wasn't sure at first because she couldn't get a good look. The baby was too busy being a show off (she would move her hand in the way when the technician tried to take pictures of her feet) lol, it sounds cute now, but it wasn't at the time!!!

After about 10 minutes of trying, the technician made Meg go to the bathroom to see if the baby would switch positions. I started freaking out! I didn't want to have to wait another 4 weeks!! 

Fortunately, Meg came back and the baby gave the technician a quick shot. The technician reviewed the pictures and sure enough, she said, "it's a baby girl."

The funny thing is that while she was doing the ultrasound I was looking to see if I could pick up anything. There was one moment where the baby's legs were up in the air and you could see her butt. I started thinking, "Oh my gosh, it's a girl! This child is going to hate me. I've been calling her a boy for over a week! I need to pick a name..."

The first name that came to mind was Avery (it's been at the top of Meg's list for a while) but I was holding out. When we went back into the waiting room before our regular check up I leaned over to Meg and said I liked the name Avery. She agreed. 

And just like that, the baby in Meg's belly became a reality...We are having a baby girl. Our daughter, Avery Anne Wiegand will be named after my best friend and my mom!

Here are the pictures from the ultrasound...check out her legs! She had them all the way over her head at one point.

Here is our picture with Santa Claus...this is how we announced the news to our friends and family!

Finally, this is Meg's 20 week photo. Avery is the length of a banana! (Can you tell Bailey loves bananas?!?!)

We'll save the drama from our Babies R Us registry for another day!!! Time to go relax and get ready for tomorrow's trip to NYC!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you..all of the tests came back great, but the technician was unable to see the baby's spine (because she was on her back and refused to move!) so we have to go back in for another ultrasound next Thursday (December 15th)!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Amoxicillin, Xmas Shopping, and Stalking Sneezes (19 week photos)

So, the doctor called on Friday...Meg has strep throat. He put her on amoxicillin. She has to take it 3 times a day for 10 days. We were nervous about how the strep/antibiotic would affect the baby, but the pharmacist AND the doctor assured us that everything would be okay.

Meg and I went to Peddler's Village this weekend. We had dinner at Sweet Lorraine's (we were given a $25 gift certificate). It's not organic, but they offer a free range chicken on the menu, so I figured I would be safe eating there. The food was delicious and I didn't have any problems.

After dinner we walked around. We weren't able to find a Christmas ornament, but we did buy a few presents. All the stores were lit up. It was so beautiful. We stopped to take some pictures...

Meg has been feeling the baby kick for a few weeks now (some days more than others). I haven't been able to feel him yet (yes, we have been using that pronoun...though we won't know officially until Friday) because Meg can't predict when he is going to move.

That being said, I've noticed that she often feels the baby move after she sneezes (she sneezes at least once a day since she can't take her allergy medicine).

This morning, while getting ready to go visit our friends, Meg sneezed. Finally, the moment I'd been waiting for! I leapt across the room and put my hands on her stomach. Meg was a little confused and scared, lol. Naturally, I asked if she felt him. She told me she didn't feel anything because she was scared for her life. Whoops!

We spent the day walking the Bridgewater mall with our friends from NY. It was great to catch up and make fun of the crazy Christmas shoppers.

On the way home, Meg and I had a moment where we just looked at one another. We both smiled and I put my hand on her belly. As we approached New Hope, she moved my hand to the left. She asked if I felt him. I said, "No," but a few seconds later, I did!

Imagine someone making a fist and lightly pounding on your thigh in two quick "knocks." Amazing!!!

Last, but not are Meg's 19 week photos...Our baby is the size of a large heirloom tomato! (funny story...I originally bought beefsteak tomatoes thinking they were the same thing...clearly I was mistaken!)

Heirloom is on the right!!